5 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

5 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

Spend five minutes online and you’ll likely see at least one maternity photo of a family member, friend or acquaintance. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are full of maternity photo ideas. If you’re newly pregnant or have just given birth, you’ll want to experience the beauty, creativity, and experience of having pictures of you and your baby together. The following list includes the five maternity photos everyone should take.

heart shape made with hands over belly for maternity photos

Hands in a Heart Shape Over the Belly

A symbol of love that translates into every language, the heart is perfect for every pregnancy shoot. When placed over a pregnant belly, it demonstrates the tremendous bond between mother and child even before they’re born. Your maternity photo shoot needs to include at least a few shots making a heart symbol with your hands.

Big Brother and Big Sister Shots

Having the older sibling take part in the photo session is key as they were the first baby you got to love and their expressions will be priceless. Deck them out in Big Brother or Big Sister gear and let the good times roll. Kids are geniuses when it comes to making faces, being tender, and seeing the beauty in the ordinary. That’s what makes them the perfect subject for mommy/baby photo shoots.

Beautiful Baby Props

Sweet baby shoes, heirloom furniture, and fuzzy baby blankets make excellent props. Use them to tell the story of your pregnancy and your plans for the little one once he or she arrives. There are plenty of ways to do this, so it’s up to you to select a theme. Using a piece of clothing that you wore when you were little and placing it next to a new article of clothing is a sweet reminder of what a big milestone you’ve achieved by becoming a mommy.

Count Down to Baby

Who can resist a physical countdown to baby? Holding up a sign with the number of days left until you reach your due date is downright adorable. It shows your excitement and just how close you are to giving birth. It’s the perfect reminder of the date of the photo shoot, too. You can add the photo and details about the day in your child’s baby book.

maternity photos with pet sibling

Pet Siblings

If it’s your first child but you’ve had pets before them, make the animals part of the shoot. Fur siblings are great subjects. They’re loyal friends and beloved family members, too. Your child will grow up having a deep bond with animals because of your upbringing. They’ll love the fact that their beloved pet was part of the photo shoot you took while pregnant.

Maternity photos are special. They allow your creative side to shine through. If you want to show your child how much they mean to you once they’re old enough to understand things, schedule a shoot and have the five maternity photos listed above taken by a professional photographer. It’s well worth the expense and provides a permanent keepsake from the time you spent pregnant to giving birth to your baby girl or boy.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Apr 11, 2019
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