8 Not So Obvious Essentials for Pregnancy

8 Not So Obvious Essentials for Pregnancy

You’ve probably come up with a list of things you know you’ll need while pregnant. You may have, however, overlooked many items that bring comfort. With so many preparations to make before having your baby, is it any wonder that you’ve forgotten some of the not-so-obvious essentials?

This guide contains eight items that may not have made it onto your to buy or to do list that are essentials for pregnancy.

comfy pants are essentials for pregnancy

Comfy and stylish pants that fit perfectly.

You can be fashionably pregnant. There is no rule stating that maternity clothes need to be frumpy or uncomfortable. In fact, finding a cute pair of pants that match everything you own is ideal because they’ll not only look great but feel great on. Think dark denim or black so that you’re able to get the most bang out of the bucks you spend on them.

best foods to eat while pregnant

Foods that satisfy the weird pregnancy cravings you’re having.

Keeping your favorite meals and snacks on hand to satisfy your growing hunger for something sweet, salty, and strange is comforting. You may not think it’s necessary until a craving strikes at 2 AM, and you’re forced to hunt for something similar in taste and texture. Stock up on the goodies you love most and rest easy knowing that you probably won’t want these items again after you’ve delivered.

An uplifting movie, scent or book.

When you need a boost, you can turn to a favorite flick, pregnancy-safe fragrance or inspiring book to keep your spirits up. It’s the small things that deliver the biggest results. That’s why having a few of these items available as go-to resources for comfort is ideal. You’ll be amazed at how effective they are on turning a frown upside down.

Undergarments that support your back and growing belly.

Bellefit garments are ideal because they provide you with the prenatal support necessary to protect your back. You’ll be amazed at how soft, breathable, and comfortable they are. The extra weight you put on is supported with the garments that stretch as your belly grows. They’re available in different sizes to meet your individual needs.

Affirmation cards for mothers.

Having an affirmation or mantra to recite is very healing. There are affirmation decks that prepare pregnant women for delivery and motherhood. The images are colorful and light-hearted. Your heart will swell when you recite the words written on the cards out loud because you know your baby hears you.

A beautiful journal.

Record your thoughts, milestones, and dreams in a gorgeous journal. Don’t forget to include it on your baby registry list. It’s something that you can share with your child as he or she grows up. It serves as a written record of your baby’s life before he or she enters the world.

essentials for pregnancy are support groups of woman going thru the same experience

A support group consisting of mommies-to-be.

If you can’t find women in your community to meet up with, join an online group for pregnant women. You’ll get a lot of support and guidance there. It’s a great place to share your experience with others, ask questions, and even swap items that your baby no longer needs after he or she is born.

Wide-width shoes.

A little extra space to move your feet is a luxury especially after they’ve swelled like balloons. Look for wide-width shoes to see you through your pregnancy. They’ll be a welcome sight when you know you’re going to do a long day of walking. Your feet will thank you for taking good care of them.

Being prepared for a baby takes time, research, and funds. You must make space in your life physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and even spiritually for your little one. Having the items that you need to comfortably navigate pregnancy is ideal. You may not even realize that some things are beneficial to have until after you’ve acquired them. The essentials are key to survival as they allow you to maintain your sanity and engage in self-care while carrying your child.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Apr 03, 2019
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