About Five Months Ago I Gave Birth to my Ninth Child

About Five Months Ago I Gave Birth to my Ninth Child

About five months ago I gave birth to my ninth child. After the birth of my eighth child I ended up having abdominal muscle separation and I also have a bad lower back. So I went online and was looking for something that would be really really strong and I found Bellefit.

Natalie Found the Solution to Her Abdominal Muscle Separation with Bellefit.

The first pair I ordered was a medium to wear right after having my baby and it was the kind that zips up on the side. I did start wearing that two days after he was born when I got home from the hospital. When I ordered, they shipped it within a day!

One of the things I noticed right away is that my core felt so much stronger. I felt like it really held in all of the flab in the front and it also provided great back support because it goes all the way back to here.

It was very easy to put on with the zipper even though I had a lot of extra skin and fat from having had the baby.

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The other thing that I noticed too is that I was able to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes much faster wearing this support wear than I had ever had been with all my previous pregnancies. By the time I was six weeks postpartum, I was able to go a size down and switch to the small on the pull up kind.

I've just been really really happy with my Bellefit. I would definitely purchase again. I really wish that I would've found Bellefit several pregnancies ago, it could've saved me a lot of postpartum problems that I had with my body trying to recover.

As well as just the feeling that you have right after you have a baby, it's easy to feel down about the way you look, I feel this really helped me feel better about the way I look a lot sooner. ~Natalie K.


Natalie's Testimonial

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