The Bellefit Corset made me Feel Put Together after Childbirth

The Bellefit Corset made me Feel Put Together after Childbirth

Bellefit mom, Crystal B. wore a Bellefit corset after her second pregnancy

She loved that it made her torso feel more stable and was thrilled with the results she achieved.

"This was my second pregnancy and I did a little research before to find something to help myself feel better and more together after birth. After reading reviews I decided to try Bellefit. I am over the moon thrilled with how I feel after using Bellefit. I put the corset on the day I came home from the hospital. After the first night I could already tell a difference in how I felt."

"The corset helped with my posture, and also made me feel 'together'"

"I had my baby 1 month ago and I feel absolutely amazing. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit, and I get so many compliments. More importantly, I feel like my old self again and that makes me one happy mama. I wear the Bellefit corset day and night and only take it off to shower. Even though I look great, I plan on wearing it for a while. I like the way I feel when I have it on. Currently I have 5 girlfriends that are pregnant and they are all going to purchase the Bellefit because they love my results so much. I am so happy that I made the decision to go with Bellefit over any other product!"

~ Crystal B.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 07, 2016
  • Category: News
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