Postpartum Belly Binding: Why Belly Wraps and Postpartum Girdles are Not the Same

Postpartum Belly Binding: Why Belly Wraps and Postpartum Girdles are Not the Same

There's a lot of confusion in the postpartum belly binding world when it comes to clearly defining the difference between a belly wrap and a postpartum girdle. And here's the thing, there are many terms that may seem interchangeable but, actually, are not!

But, why is it so important to clarify this?

Well, did you ever hear a new mum say “I love my muffin top and the way my belly wrap is made of the stiffest, itchiest material?” We take it you haven't!

Your postpartum recovery and overall wellbeing after your baby is born shouldn't pay the price of all the misinformation going around the web -check out Erica’s testimonial below!

Postpartum girdles
Bellefit Postpartum Girdles come in 8 different styles. Bellefit Corset on the left, Bellefit Bodysuit Corset on the right.

Do belly wraps really work?

Belly wraps are mostly used to help women lose weight, achieve a slender look on the midsection of the body, and relieve back pain. However, these compression garments are not designed AT ALL to suit and support a new mum's needs.

Imagine adding the annoying rolling of an unfitting belly wrap to your body after a C-section. Not only that's not fun, but it can also be very painful!

So, as you'd guess by now, belly wraps don't really work as a safe and effective postpartum belly binding method! Belly wraps are more in line with waist trainers other than postpartum girdles. Unfortunately, many women are suffering in traditional postpartum wraps that just aren’t providing the support and comfort they are intended to offer for new mums.

Woman suffering from stomach ache at home.
Belly bands can cause pain during post-pregnancy recovery

Postpartum belly wraps usually...

Are made of a fabric that shreds easily

This means you may need more than one or two. Also, isn't it annoying to have threads hanging off your clothes?

Have velcro closures that appear bulky under clothes

As a new mom, you'll likely be doing your best to get back into your daily life soon -more so if you have more than one kid! It's not a great feeling to have a noticeable compression garment under your outfit saying 'hello world, here I am!

Present an uncomfortable, incision-rubbing fit

You can say the truth aloud: C-sections hurt! This is why it’s paramount to wear a medical-grade postpartum girdle instead of a 'take-it-or-leave-it' belly wrap. You can say the truth aloud: C-sections hurt! This is why it’s paramount to wear a medical-grade postpartum girdle instead of a 'take-it-or-leave-it' belly wrap.

Postpartum belly binding: Getting it right with a postpartum girdle

Feeling comfortable, supported, able to move freely, and even attend your physiological needs with ease -thank you, adjustable crotch opening!- may be amongst the most important things a postpartum girdle can do for you.

Bellefit dual closure hooks closeup. Best postpartum belly binding.
Medical-grade postpartum girdles are designed to help new mums get back into shape after pregnancy

Feeling more like yourself and gaining independence after your baby is born are traits that can go a long way.

@seniaslifee Hey mommies @Bellefit was kind enough to send over a postpartum girdle and im so excited to start using it! Link is in my bio if you like to check them out 😻 #postpartum #postpartumbody #postpartumgirdle #bellefit #momsoftiktok #momtok #mombod ♬ original sound - Seniaslifee ✨

How do postpartum girdles work?

Medical-grade postpartum girdles are here to tackle all the main issues your body may go through after your pregnancy. From feeling your organs loose inside your tummy to having your abdominal muscles torn apart or wanting to get rid of those extra kgs, a postpartum girdle will assist you by compressing and containing in a smart and carefully designed way your body's midsection.

Postpartum girdles are designed with comfort in mind and feature...

Breathable, flexible material

No more sweating bullets and feeling your skin can't breathe!

Sturdy material that will last longer

Medical-grade, high-quality fabrics. Say 'bye' to buying tons of wraps!

Fit that is high enough to avoid muffin top and rolling up

Wearing a compression garment that actually feels good and doesn't require constant adjustment -especially annoying if you are in a social situation- can totally improve your day-by-day recovery.

Encourages correct posture

Although bending and holding your bub without pain may now seem a task worthy of Mission Impossible, once the postpartum girdle starts working its science, you'll notice how your posture improves and your muscle pain diminishes.

The difference between a belly wrap and a postpartum girdle

At the end of the day, the main difference between a belly wrap and a postpartum girdle is that one is pretty much a piece of fabric you get to wrap around your stomach, whereas the other is a medically-designed compression garment that will become your ally -not a nuisance!

Watch Erica share her experience with wearing a belly wrap vs a postpartum girdle

Erica did her research while pregnant with her third child and found what she calls her “lifesaver” -the Bellefit postpartum girdle. The busy mother of three knew a C-section was in her birth plan, but even then, she couldn't afford slowing down her pace. After all, she has a high-schooler, a 2-year old and a 5-month old baby relying on her!

"The Bellefit girdle, it really is a lifesaver,” Erica says.

“I felt like I wasn’t wearing it, like it was holding me in, like, literally -to the point that I was able to go back to work sooner. I was able to do things around the house, I was able to take care of the 2-year-old, go on walks, all that good stuff.”

Moving from a belly wrap to a postpartum girdle

When Erica became pregnant in her 30s, she was naturally concerned about her pre-pregnancy hourglass figure. She knew she'd need some real good postpartum belly binding.

Disappointed by the belly wrap she tried after her second pregnancy,

"Unfortunately, it didn't do anything but make me feel uncomfortable," she says, and frustrated by its failed “guaranteed to work," she got hold of a Bellefit rep that helped her choose the perfect postpartum girdle.

Pregnant Belly at 39 weeks.
Erica showing her Pregnant Belly at around 39 weeks

Choosing the perfect Bellefit postpartum girdle

Bellefit's rep suggested Erica try out the corset, an adjustable product that is designed to provide varying levels of compression as new mums progress during childbirth recovery.

Even though the corset's hook and eye closures are designed with a C-section in mind, these are also recommended for natural births as well.

C-section scar bandage.
Erica's photo at the hospital showing her C-Section scar bandage

Erica received extenders for her long torso and began wearing her postpartum girdle the day after her C-section. She immediately felt a difference. She was able to walk better and experienced a reduction in back pain. And not only that, Erica never thought she would even receive compliments after having a third child in her 30s!

Wearing a Bellefit Postpartum Corset - Best postpartum belly binding.
Erica feeling relieved experiencing the best postpartum belly binding method.

At seven weeks postpartum, Erica was wearing the girdle mostly at night or when her back bothered her during the day.

Erica credits the company’s excellent customer service support for helping her order the correct size and discussing the benefits of using a postpartum girdle, rather than a belly wrap.

Bellefit Postpartum girdle results - Best postpartum belly binding.
Erica's midsection after completing her childbirth recovery with the assistance of a Postpartum Girdle

Erica is now five months postpartum and still wearing her postpartum girdle as a way to alleviate the pain of previous back injuries.

“I really do feel like you definitely get your money’s worth,” she said. “I was able to do a ton of things after! Not only that, but I now have an awesome product that I can continue to wear. It helps to ease the back pain that I have from being in car wrecks. I’m a nurse and sometimes I lift heavy things and it definitely helps. It was a great investment.”

Erica’s only recommendation about the Bellefit postpartum girdle?

“Buy two because, within two weeks, I was ready to order a smaller size!”

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