You're Doing Just Fine, Mama: Mental Health Tips for New Parents

You're Doing Just Fine, Mama: Mental Health Tips for New Parents

Becoming a new parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging things ever. And many people worry that they're making mistakes or that other people are handling it better than them. But the fact is, everyone experiences peaks and valleys as they navigate parenthood with a new little one. Even parents with older children worry about whether they're doing okay or not getting it all done.

Many parents are juggling an incredible amount of obligations in today's world.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. But chances are, you're probably doing much better than you think. We all need a pep talk and a little reassurance from time to time.

Read on for some tips for supporting your mental health and boosting your confidence as a new parent.

Setting Boundaries Is Self Care

Say no and mean it. Set your boundaries and stick to them. 'No' can be a way of affirming your love and care by helping you create safe environments and reliable routines for your child. For example, setting an early bedtime for your kiddo and sticking to it will eventually pay off. While new babies may need to eat and have different sleeping and waking patterns, establishing bedtime can begin early. Try dimming the lights, turning off electronics like TVs, and slowing things down at the bedtime you picked. As your child grows, they'll learn that this is when everything winds down in the home, and it'll be easier to stick to that bedtime.

Take a Moment to Set Your Mood

New parenthood comes with a chronic lack of sleep and round-the-clock baby care. However, not getting enough rest can play havoc with your mood and emotions and make it harder to make rational decisions. Learn how to process your emotions so you can make logical decisions. When overtired, parents may make snap decisions in anger or frustration. It helps to practice taking a moment to count or take several deep breaths first, so you have time to think things through. If you have a support system, work out a little time where you can rest or nap while a trusted friend or family member cares for your little one. You'll come back more refreshed and more present.

In addition, take time to care for yourself. Your body is undergoing many changes and recovering from doing incredible things. Support it as it heals with a postpartum girdle like Bellefit. For many new moms, adjusting to their changing bodies can be challenging. Bellefit postpartum girdles can ease the aches and pains and help you to feel more confident and comfortable as you recover.

Imperfect Can Be Successful

Now more than ever, it is too easy to get sucked into thinking that you're failing because your parenthood experience doesn't look like someone else's. Don't let momentary snapshots on social media and brief glimpses of strangers derail you or make you think everything has to be perfect all the time. Learn to be okay with messes and mistakes. Mistakes are the best way to learn. We are all human—even the babies—so be kind to them and yourself. You'll have days where the baby gets three baths because he dumped his food all over himself and the floor and days when you can't even find your hairbrush, let alone get it through your hair. On those days, give your kid an extra hug and kiss. And remind yourself that you're learning, and you're doing a great job just as you are.

Move from 'Have To' to 'Want To'

Having a baby seems to bring on endless chores. Feeding, diapering, laundry, messes, and so much more can be frustrating, especially when you wake up the next day and realize you're doing the same things repeatedly. But try to do everything with love and from the heart, not simply because you have to. Yes, you have to do extra laundry, especially on those diaper blowout days. But also, how cute are their tiny clothes? Perspective can help you tackle those chores with love, rather than seeing them as burdensome. And if some days those chores get to you, that's okay. We are all imperfect humans.

It's Normal to Overthink Sometimes

Relax, mama—you're doing just fine. If you're overthinking things, chances are you're already an amazing and wonderful, caring mama. You wouldn't be thinking about it this much if you weren't. Every new parent has moments where they question their abilities or find themselves comparing their experiences to others. Sometimes despite your best efforts, you might not end the day where you wanted. That happens to everyone. But getting stuck in your worries takes you away from being present with your loved ones.

And finally, don't worry about what everyone else thinks. Be the best you can be.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 27, 2022
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