The Best and Worst Parts of Being Pregnant

The Best and Worst Parts of Being Pregnant

Pregnancy has its ups and downs, and they can make giving birth feel bittersweet in a way.

Once your little one has arrived, you may end up missing some of the best parts of pregnancy, but chances are that you won’t regret being done with the worst parts.

The Best Part Of Being Pregnant

Extra Kindness and Care

Every ordinarily grumpy folks can get a bit overprotective of the pregnant ladies in their lives, and strangers can get in on the act too. Special acts of kindness like people you’ve never met rushing to help you with heavy groceries or giving up their seats on a bus or family members giving you special treats and generally fussing over you in the best way possible, being pregnant really lets you see the best of the people around you.

The Special Pregnancy Bonding Feel

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing that your child is growing inside you. Getting to actually meet your child is fantastic, but it makes sense that some moms miss the feeling of being pregnant thanks to this special just-the-two-of-us bond.

Shopping for Adorable Baby Stuff

Shopping is always fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re designing a whole new wardrobe and bedroom for a little person who hasn’t arrived in the world yet. For many parents, picking out different colors and cute prints is one of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy (other than the sense of excitement and happiness, of course).

The Worst Part Of Being Pregnant

Physical Discomfort

From morning sickness to weight gain and other issues, pregnancy isn’t necessarily a physically enjoyable experience. While not every pregnant woman experiences significant discomfort, most feel some sort of nausea, fatigue, pain or general weirdness at some point in the process. Pregnancy skin might look totally different from what you’re used to, and sleeping can also be more of a challenge.

Nosy Nellies

You know what they say about opinions—everyone has one, and they don’t know how to keep it to themselves when they see a pregnant woman. From pressuring you about breastfeeding to policing what you eat and how you exercise, unwanted advice is one of the least-enjoyable parts of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is an almost entirely universal experience, and even some women who hated getting this kind of advice when they were pregnant will turn around and do it to others.

Anticipation and Nervous Energy

There is some excitement that’s naturally a part of most pregnancies, but many expectant parents also experience a good dose of anxiousness as well. Whether your concerns are financial, logistical or theoretical, this is also totally normal. Luckily, by the time you give birth you’ll already have moved past most of the things that tend to cause pregnant mamas some agita, including the actual delivery itself.

From start to finish, pregnancy includes its blissful moments of enjoyment and its minor annoyances and major concerns. This balance is part of parenthood as well, so why not take the bad with the good and make the best of it?

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Feb 05, 2018
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