First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

Your first pregnancy was quite an experience, and now you’ve got another bun in the oven.

Now that you’re a seasoned pro and you’ve seen it all before, you might notice that a few things have changed since last time.

Morning Sickness

first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy morning sickness
differences in morning sickness during first pregnancy vs second pregnancy

1st Pregnancy

  • You were surprised to find that you didn’t just feel pukey in the morning—it was all day, everyday.
  • Every cure under the sun, from ginger tea to soothing lollipops, hoping to find relief.

2nd Pregnancy

  • Now that you’ve been through it, you know that there’s no magic cure.
  • You’re ready to chase your kid around and roll with the punches—or waves of nausea—as they come. Feeling kinda crummy just comes with the territory of pregnancy, right?

Maternity Clothes

first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy maternity clothes shopping
Its so much easier to shop for maternity clothes in your second pregnancy/

1st Pregnancy

  • Between smart eating choices and exercise, you were sure you were going to get to stay in your normal clothes until your third trimester.
  • No weight gain, no problems, no need for stretchy elastic-waist jeans!

2nd Pregnancy

  • You’re genuinely excited to pull those stretchy elastic-waist jeans out of storage and start leaning in.
  • Sure, you’re still going to eat healthy and exercise for your kid’s sake, but you know your body isn’t going to obey when you tell it to avoid bloating at all costs. Maternity clothes are a blessing, not a curse!

Nursery Planning

nursery planning during the first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy
During the First Pregnancy the Nursery Planning is a big deal for new moms

1st Pregnancy

  • Everything in the nursery needs to be just so, with pristine white bedding and gorgeously designed furniture to make the space feel like something out of a stylish magazine photoshoot.
  • Your baby’s room is going to stay neat and gorgeous from day one, and all your organizing efforts now will pay dividends in the future.

2nd Pregnancy

  • You know exactly what matters and what doesn’t. White bedding? Forget it. You want the busiest patterns in the darkest colors to hide any stains that might occur—and you know they will.
  • It’s just a matter of time. Gone are the days when you put style over substance in the nursery. Now you’re going for full functionality and just a little bit of cuteness where it counts.


delivery during first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy
Every delivery is different but you are more prepared for your second delivery

1st Pregnancy

  • Every little detail is in place: your delivery playlist, the fashionable custom hospital gown, the matching monogrammed pajama and robe set to slip into immediately after delivery.
  • Natural lip gloss and some tinted moisturizer will help you look amazing for the photo shoot.
  • Your hospital experience is going to be like a fancy spa vacation.

2nd Pregnancy

  • The hospital go-bag is packed and ready to go, and it’s got essentials only.
  • No makeup, no fancy PJs…just a scrunchie and a comfy nightie that’d make your grandma jealous. You know you aren’t going to look like a supermodel in your pictures, and that’s OK.
  • The smile on your lips and the love in your eyes are all the beauty enhancement you need.

Everyone has a different experience of pregnancy, and your first and second may be more alike than you expected. At the very least, you’ll venturing into known territory, and that can provide a lot of peace of mind for second-time mamas.

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