Co-Sleeping Vs Crib-Sleeping

Co-Sleeping Vs Crib-Sleeping

As a parent, you’ll make the all-too-important decision to co-sleep with your child or have them sleep in a crib alone. There are advantages and disadvantages that come with both options. Some parents swear by co-sleeping while others prefer that their babies crib-sleep. Whatever your choice may be, know that it’s up to you to make the final decision.

A Parent’s Take on Co-Sleeping and Crib-Sleeping


The differences in opinion about co-sleeping and crib-sleeping are like day and night. Parents who sleep apart from their children f eel helpless and that they aren’t able to bond as well with the infant. Those who choose to have their baby sleep in a crib, do so because they’re concerned about safety warnings about S.I.D.S.

The perfect sleep solution doesn’t exist. Most parents don’t feel well-rested no matter where their child sleeps. If you think that your baby won’t cry when he or she feels startled, scared, wet or hungry because they’re in bed with you, you’re wrong. You’ll find that this hot-button topic gets people arguing faster than political subjects. Some parents feel their way is the best and that parents that don’t show their views are wrong. This is, of course, a matter of opinion and not one based on scientific or medical knowledge.


Parents who have been there and done that report the following about co-sleeping:

  • The baby’s needs are better met when sharing a bed.
  • A baby cuddled next to you is among the sweetest sights you’ll see.
  • Hearing movement and breathing gives some parents peace of mind.
  • Having the child next to the parent while the other parent is deployed with the military is soothing.

These are, of course, statements based on opinion and personal experience alone. There is no proof that this method of sleeping Is better than crib-sleeping. It’s what works for some families with babies and small children.


The parents that swear by crib-sleeping state:

  • The look on the baby’s face after sleeping in his or her crib and then seeing mom and dad enter the room is priceless.
  • The baby isn’t disturbed by all the getting up and down the parents do all night.
  • The parents can be intimate and not just caregivers for the baby.
  • It’s one less transition that the child has to make throughout their lifetime.
  • Babies who sleep with their parents often grow into older children who sleep with their children, but crib-sleeping puts a stop to that.

Again, if this method of sleeping works best for your family, great! There is no judgment when it comes to how you get your infant to sleep through the night. If monitoring through a baby monitor is a better solution for you and your spouse, by all means, do it your way.It doesn’t matter if your Team Co-Sleeping or Team Crib-Sleeping. The important thing is that your baby is comfortable and safe wherever he or she sleeps. If you have an infant sleeping in a crib in another room in the house, a video baby monitor allows you to check in on them without disturbing their sleep.

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Carolina Suarez

  • May 08, 2018
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