How to Deal with Visitors after Baby Birth?

How to Deal with Visitors after Baby Birth?

Now that you’ve given birth to your baby, you can expect company and lots newborn visitors. After all, nothing is more exciting than a brand-new baby. Your family and friends will want to set their sights and their hands on your child just as soon as the baby has left your womb. Dealing with unwanted visitors after baby birth could be a challenge, but not if you know how.

That doesn’t mean, however, that your hospital room must be a revolving door of people coming and going. You can entertain and have boundaries without coming across as being brash.

You’re the one who just went through labor and the delivery process. You call the shots. If you’re not up for a beeline of family and friends in the days following giving birth, have your partner or a good friend announce visiting hours.

That way, you only need to entertain for a predetermined amount of time before squeezing in some shuteye before your little one starts crying again.

Use this list for help handling your postpartum visitors like a boss.

Dealing with Family Visiting after Birth When Hospital Waiting Room is Packed

Hospital's waiting room could be overcrowded, when people come to visit new moms and newborns
Ask only one person to stay in the hospital's waiting room to avoid rush.

If you’re one of many mothers giving birth at the same time, you’ll find that the hospital’s waiting room is jam-packed with anxious relatives and friends.

To make the process more comfortable for everyone, you may suggest that one person stay behind in the waiting room while the rest of your guests saunter down the street to the all-night coffeehouse.

Once you’ve delivered your baby, the person that was appointed the waiting room watch owl can retrieve the rest of your family visiting after baby is born and friends who are now sufficiently caffeinated and fed.

Newborn Visitors after Birth When You are Recovering

Restrict visitors to come to meet you in hospital  only during visiting hours
Let the people know when to come and visit you in the hospital for fast recovery.

Depending on how the delivery went, you could spend two to four days resting and postpartum recovery. That’s when you let the people who want to visit you know when to come.

The hospital’s visitation hours will dictate the window where guests visiting after birth are allowed. If you expect to be sleeping or breastfeeding at a certain time, you can easily let your family and friends know that the time isn’t right for you.

Dealing with Kids after Baby is Born

check if children are allowed to visit you in the hospital
Children may or may not be allowed to visit the hospital.

You may have children or have family visiting after baby is born, who have children and want to visit you in the hospital. Depending on the facility’s policy, kids may not be permitted outside the waiting room.

If that is the case, suggest a different time for their parents to visit when you’re at home with no limitations on visitation. That, or people can take turns watching the kids while the adults visit.

When You Shouldn’t Have Any Guests Visiting after Birth

Sometimes, politely saying no to unwanted visitors after birth in the hospital could be the only solution
Politely refuse the visitors, when you are tired, or just not feeling like meeting guests at hospital.

If you are just too tired to entertain or know that someone in your social circle hasn’t felt well, it’s best to plan a visit later on. A baby’s immune system isn’t developed until they’re several weeks old.

Putting them into contact with a sick relative or family friend could be a recipe for disaster. Politely express why you want to postpone the visitors after birth and schedule a get-together in the future to avoid hurting feelings.

Take Time for Yourself

Giving birth is exhausting. If you need a break from all the people who have come to visit you and your baby in the hospital, let them know. You can always have a gathering with everyone you love and care about after you’ve left the hospital. That way, you get the rest that you need and don’t feel overwhelmed by the traffic coming into and going out of your hospital room.

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