Dressing For A Summer Pregnancy

Dressing For A Summer Pregnancy

Dressing for a summer pregnancy can seem a bit daunting. Especially because most women don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothing that they wont wear after pregnancy. Am I right?!

This was the first pregnancy that I have been in the end stages well into the peak of summer! We live in LA so its definitely not as hot as my home town, Las Vegas. However, with that being said, the temperatures can definitely get up there and are escalated even more when you have a big belly and your body temp is already up!

Regardless, Summer brings the heat, Right?!

So Here are Some of My Tips to Dressing for a Summer Pregnancy.

tips for dressing for a summer pregnancy.
Wearing clothes with airflow will allow you to enjoy your summer pregnancy.

Airflow Is The Way To Go

Whenever purchasing an item for this pregnancy one of the main questions I will ask myself is “How much airflow will this give me?!”

One of my go to’s and quite honestly, my lifesaver through my entire pregnancy is this dress from Carly Jean Los Angeles.

  • The fabric doesn’t cling to you, it provides tons of airflow.
  • It’s perfect for dressing up or dressing down too.
loose tops are the best for dressing during a summer pregnancy.

The More Loose The Top, The Better!

At a certain stage of a summer pregnancy I don’t really like things clinging to my body as I feel like I generate way more heat, so I tend to lean more towards looser fitting shirts. I also really love to purchase pieces that can be worn post partum and will still compliment my body just as great as they did while I was pregnant.

It can be difficult to find those universal pieces sometimes so here are some of my go to brands for loose fitting, non maternity tops:

  1. Free People,
  2. Carly Jean Los Angeles
  3. Target
  • Another one of my life savers dressing for a summer pregnancy are tank tops with a kimono over them. Kimono’s are a really great option for the day to day or even for date nights!
  • Summer kimonos are typically made out of a more sheer fabric leaving you with lots of breathing room.

You really cannot go wrong with a super cute kimono and you’ll be rest assured that you’ll be rocking that belly in utmost comfort.

shorts help stay cooler during a summer pregnancy.
Shorts are a must for any summer pregnancy.

Leggings, Jeans or Shorts?

Okay, I’m going to be really honest.. I was all about wearing maternity jeans up until this pregnancy! It is WAY to hot for jeans right now and they make my legs swell up really quick.

When I’m not wearing some type of romper, maxi or swing dress you will likely see me in some type of legging.

I have 2 favorites in my drawer:

Both are great options and I swear by them! As far as shorts are concerned, I have found that my jean maternity shorts aren’t nearly as comfortable as I remember them being in previous pregnancies.

When I am wearing shorts I’m living in a linen type fabric like this non maternity stretch waistband pair from Target or this maternity pair from Pinkblush.

Again, its all light and airy giving me room to breath in all of those special places. :)

At the end of the day, it really all boils down to what you feel the most comfortable in. If I could summarize dressing for a summer pregnancy in one word it would be “COMFORT”.

That’s really all your going for. Things that are comfortable and for me.. pieces that serve me well after pregnancy and keep me as cool as possible!

stay cool with the right clothes during a summer pregnancy

Cheers to all of you summer pregnancy mama’s out there!


About the Author:

Ashleigh is the founder of Sparrow’s Apple, a mommy & family lifestyle blog who loves to keep it real and raw. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband (August), 2 girls (Haven & Emberleigh) and is currently expecting a baby boy mid August!

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