How to Handle your Newborns First Cold

How to Handle your Newborns First Cold

Your child’s first cold will be one of many. How you handle treating cold symptoms with your infant indicates how well you’ll do treating future illnesses. The key to a quick recovery is being prepared.

That means that you have the things on hand that you need for your baby. Preparing in advance prevents you from having to make a last-minute run to the pharmacy because you have a sick infant.

Stock Up on Must-Have Cold Fighters and Relievers

newborns first cold symptoms and what to do.
Pay attention to your baby’s symptoms to determine when you should take your baby to the doctor.

What you’ll want to have in your home during the cold season include saline drops, a forehead swiping or ear thermometer, a syringe with a rubber bulb, a humidifier, and medication that reduces fever in babies.

If the child is younger than three months old, you’ll first want to consult the baby’s physician to make sure that the things that you’re doing aren’t making his or her symptoms worse.

Older babies who continue to show signs of fever, dehydration, congestion or labored breathing should be taken to a doctor right away.

Suction Mucus from Your Baby’s Nose with Rubber Bulb Syringe

Add saline drops and irrigate the nose by removing any build-up of mucus with a syringe with a rubber bulb. It gives you a better grip and makes the process less stressful for the child.

You won’t further irritate their delicate system because you’ll be doing what you can to combat the cold.

Prop the Child’s Head Up with Towels Placed Under the Crib Mattress

how to treat your newborns first cold
Help your baby breath easier by raising the mattress.

Roll a towel or two and use them to prop the baby’s mattress some. You won’t want to put the items in the crib with the child because they cause pose safety risks.

Instead, use them to raise the mattress so that breathing becomes easier for your little one.

Use a Humidifier to Keep Air Moist

Dry air makes seasonal colds worse. Give your baby the gift of good health by investing in a humidifier that helps put moisture back into the air.

Doing so helps your child say goodbye to a dry, crusty nose and a deep cough.

Make Hydration a Priority

hydration is key to help heal your newborns first cold
Hydration is key to help heal your newborns first cold

Breastfeed more often or provide your child with a few ounces of water in a sippy cup if they’re old enough to drink that way.

It’s imperative that the baby is getting enough liquid because if he or she doesn’t, they’ll get dehydrated fast.

Make time for extra breastfeeding or pump a few extra bottles for those just in case moments.

Take Charge During Cold Season by Being Prepared

Take charge of your newborns first cold
Be prepared with the correct tools so that you are in charge of any illness your baby may get as they grow.

Handle your newborn’s first cold like a champ. Now that you know what to do to make that happen, you’ll be able to care for your baby as seasoned professionals do.

You’ll be better able to handle future illnesses when they occur, and you and baby will sleep better through the night. These are things that make it easier to get through the first cold your baby has. Once you’ve experienced it firsthand, you’ll have no qualms about dealing with the next bout of illness.

You’ll know exactly when to treat the child at home and when to take them to the doctor for additional care.

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