Top Ideas for Nursery Rooms

Top Ideas for Nursery Rooms

Your baby’s nursery is more than just a room. It’s a space that they learn to become safe in. Their development during their first months of life depends on their environment. Therefore, the nursery is a place for growth, nursing, curiosity, entertainment, safety, and fun, too!

When deciding how to decorate your baby’s room, there are many things to consider. From choosing a theme to determining what type of crib they will sleep in, there are many factors that shape your decisions. Cost is one as well as personal likes and dislikes as what you’re into often dictates what your child will be into, too.

Here are Some of the Top Ideas for Nursery Rooms:


Think of the nurseries from your yesteryears. Depending on the decade you’re most interested in, you’ll find many vintage décor items at secondhand stores and on online auction sites. If you want your baby to live amongst things that you once owned as a child, you can find ways to tastefully incorporate your treasures among the other things you bought to decorate the space.

Scandinavian nursery with clean simple design
Clean design is perfect for baby girls and boys. Makes it easier to update as they get older


Clean, minimalistic design is what makes this theme perfect for baby girls and boys. It’s easy to update when the child gets older, too. Neutral colors combined with natural elements makes this theme one that people love. By keeping furnishings gender-neutral, cribs, swings, and even car seats can be handed down to the next child you have. They’ll get a great deal of use, and you can justify spending more on these items because they last.

bright and cheerful nursery
Colorful nursery for you baby helps stimulate their minds

Bright and Cheerful:

Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and textures to create a virtual wonderland for the eyes. A bright and cheerful nursery gives your baby plenty of stimulation. It’s a happy place where your child will spend his or her first years of life. When looking for baby furniture to add to the space, choose bold colors or paint the items yourself. A hand painted dresser is a personal touch that everyone who sees the nursery loves.

Statement Sheets:

Highly illustrative, beautiful statement sheets for boys and girls are among the hottest trends available. Project Nursery included a photo of a sheet that reads, “You Are My Greatest Adventure” with a woodland scene. Details like this stand out among minimalist furniture. You could easily incorporate a statement sheet into any of the other themes listed here.

Oversized Decals for Walls:

The idea is to go big here. Really big. Oversized decals limit the amount of negative space there is on walls. It’s an easy way to add flair to a space without spending a lot of money, either. You will, however, want to choose removable decals so that you can update your child’s room as he or she gets older.

oversized decals for your nursery
Choose decals that can be removed so you can change as your baby gets older.

Choosing a theme for your child’s nursery as a new mother is a truly intimate experience. It’s the first time you’ll be influencing your baby’s likes and preferences. The more they’re exposed to an animal or certain cartoon or book character, the more they’re familiar with it. You’ll find that your influence plays a role on what they choose to watch, read, and even play with as they grow older.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 05, 2018
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