Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter

Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter

When the cold season begins, it's easy for adults and children to bundle up and stay warm and cozy, but keeping your baby warm during the winter is a whole other story.

Thermal Undies

It is important to consider all your options when deciding how to keep your baby warm during the winter without making them too warm. Layering clothing can be a very effective way to retain heat, however, keep in mind that babies need to be cleaned and diapers need to be changed constantly. Avoid using layers that don't allow easy access for diaper changes.

  • There is button down thermal underwear made in a wide range of sizes for babies.
  • These thermal undies are a great way to keep your baby warm while still having the access needed to change their diapers and the freedom to dress them up with their adorable and fashionable baby clothing.
Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter with the right socks and shoes

Socks and Shoes

Maintaining a warm body temperature can be achieved easily by paying attention to your baby's feet.

  • Cozy socks and shoes are a great way to keep those little piggies warm and are crucial in avoiding chills and undesired colds.
  • Baby slip-on shoes make it easy to dress their feet comfortably.

Mittens and Gloves

Clammy and cold hands will make any baby fussy, avoiding this can be easy with the help of mittens or gloves, which are available in various sizes for babies. If your baby likes to put their fingers in their mouth, it is likely that they will continue to do so even if they are wearing mittens.

  • Be sure to carry an extra pair with you in case they get wet since wet mittens will make their little hands even colder.

Hats, Caps & Hoodies

A lot of heat is released through our noggin. Retain that precious warmth by covering your baby’s sensitive head with a soft hat or cozy cap.

  • There are many babies who are not big fans of wearing anything on their little heads; a great option is to dress them with cozy sweaters that have a hoodie style cap attached.


Choosing a scarf that is just the right size for your baby can be tricky.

  • Recently the craze has been Ring Scarves.
  • They have no loose ends and stay put no matter what the size of your baby. They keep their little necks nice and warm.

Outer Layers

For those who live in areas with a very cold climate during the winter, having options for outer layers will be a saving grace.

  • A snowsuit or bunting provides a great buffer against the cold and snow.
  • Dress your baby in the outfit they will be wearing. Then slip on the snowsuit before you head out the door.
  • For added peace of mind, choose snowsuits or buntings that are water-resistant.

Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention to the temperature of your baby, the color of their lips and their fussiness. These tend to be the best signs that something is wrong.

  • Be sure to make the necessary adjustments by wrapping them in a blanket if they appear to be very cold. (even with all the layers).
  • Also be sure to remove the outer layers and accessories when you go indoors to avoid any over heating.
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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
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