Lochia Postpartum Bleeding

Lochia Postpartum Bleeding

Postpartum Bleeding

Lochia Bleeding is the name given to postpartum bleeding. It is the way in which your body expels excess mucus, placental tissue, and blood after giving birth.

Lochia is very similar to the bleeding you experience during your menstrual period, however, it is much heavier.

  • It typically begins in the hours immediately following birth and usually continues for two or three weeks.
  • However, in some women lochia can last for up to six weeks.

Your baby has arrived and you are probably waiting for your body to begin to go back to normal.

Well, your body is on its way, but it may take some time to achieve.

For the first few weeks you will have to deal with postpartum bleeding.

Postpartum bleeding is a completely normal part of the postpartum period and goes away on its own.

Symptoms of Lochia

Lochia usually begins as a bright red discharge from the vagina.

This blood typically continues to be bright red in color for between four and ten days.

After ten days, your lochia will become a pink color, eventually changing to a yellowish-white color.

This blood flow may be constant and even, or it may be expelled in intermittent gushes.

Lochia bleeding may also be accompanied by numerous small blood clots, about a size of a grape.


Dealing with Lochia

Postpartum bleeding can sometimes be annoying to contend with, however, there are some ways to make the going easier:

  1. Rest as much as you can, and avoid excess standing and walking (this will exacerbate the blood flow)
  2. Use heavy duty maxi pads to soak up the blood.
  3. Do not use tampons for at least six weeks after pregnancy. Tampons can introduce bacteria in to the vagina and uterus, causing infection.
  4. Wear your Bellefit Girdle or Corset to get the compression you need, which is great for lymphatic drainage, decreases the risks of fluid collection, and gives you access to the groin with convenient flap with hooks to easily change your pads without taking off your girdle.
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