10 Tips to Manage Visitors After Birth (#9 gets rid of most of the stress)

10 Tips to Manage Visitors After Birth (#9 gets rid of most of the stress)

How Do You Manage Visitors After Giving Birth?

The natural response to a loved one giving birth is to go visit her and the newborn baby in the hospital. It’s likely what you’ll experience yourself after delivering and truthfully, managing visitors after birth can be very overwhelming depending on the size of your inner circle.

You may have a revolving door of family and friends visiting after having your baby, so be mindful that there are better ways to deal with your loved ones while you’re still in the hospital or newly arrived at home. This list of ten tips helps you manage your visitors after giving birth.

1. Be selective in who you allow to stay overnight with you.

This person should know the emotional side of you well. They shouldn’t freak out when you cry or admit defeat. Instead, they should know exactly what it takes to get it you up on your feet and feeling motivated once again. These are important rules for visitors after baby is born (especially if they are visitors you've personally selected to stay overnight with you.)

2. Prepare for the floodgates to open with people.

People you didn’t even know cared about you will want to visit and hold your baby. Keep in mind that your home will become a virtual wonderland for visitors after birth. Do your part to maintain normalcy in your daily routine despite the increase in traffic and relentless demands of an infant.

3. Make sure that you don’t have too many visitors at once.

Spread them out so you can get things done and rest when you have the opportunity. Your sleep schedule will be disrupted by your little one. Speaking of sleep, now that you're a mother and you'll need to nurse your baby (usually in the middle of the night, or several times a day) -- wearing a nursing pajama set will make it convenient and comfortable for you and your baby.

managing visitors after birth

Nursing pajamas have hidden panels that make it easier for babies to access nipples for breastfeeding. The result: babies are fed on time, making them less irritable, and mothers get to enjoy more rest, compared to having to take off their tops and bras when breastfeeding.

Don't forget self-care.

It’s best to take time out for yourself no matter how many people insist on visiting you and your baby. Many women use a postpartum girdle to feel supported while still at the hospital, especially after a c-section. It will help you have better mobility and feel more "put together".

visitors after birth girdle
Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Corsets – Medical-Grade, FDA Registered, Recommended Since 2008. Available in 8 Styles as well as Plus Sizes.

4. Visit your gabby family member or friend not vice versa.

Plan your visit with this person. Know that you can leave whenever you need to when you’re the one coming to them. If they’re visiting you, it’s not necessarily the case.

5. Let them help you in some way.

People e.g. your visitors after birth want to lend a helping hand. Let them. You’re going to feel overwhelmed as those feelings come with having a new baby, so it’s important to take advantage of all the offers of help when you receive them.

6. Rely on others who know you’ve had enough.

visitors after birth holding baby

Let someone close to you call the shots for you. Have them usher visitors out when it’s time to rest or feed the baby. You don’t have to do it alone when you have someone around who knows you well and has your best interests in mind.

7. Ask your partner for help managing unruly guests.

Let them be the bad guy. If someone starts to act up or drain your energy, have your partner step in and tell them that visiting hours are over. These visitors after birth may be upset but it’s better than dealing with their nonsense when you’re tired, hungry or nursing your baby.

8. Accept all offers of food.

Don't be shy.

It’s less that you need to prepare for your family. That means more time to focus on your newborn. Less time in the kitchen means greater peace for you and your partner, too.

9. Let people know that you’re taking a break from socializing.

visitors after birth social media

Publicly announce it on Facebook and other social media accounts where your family and friends follow you. Let them know that it’s nothing personal but you need some time to yourself to bond with your baby.

Most people will appreciate your honesty and will understand that this is one of the rules for visitors after baby is born. These people will ask when they can drop by to visit opposed to just stopping by when it’s convenient for them.

10. Don’t stress out over the small stuff.

Pick and choose your battles wisely. Your visitors after birth want to see you because they care about you. Even if they outstay their welcome, remember that you’re important enough for them to want to come and see you and your child.

True, you may be too tired to entertain the idea of more company after giving birth. In the event that you do feel this way, don’t be afraid to ask for some alone time. That way, you’ll have an opportunity to recover from the stress of giving birth and be ready and able to meet with visitors who want to wish you and your new baby well.

Is there anything else that new moms should know when managing visitors after giving birth?

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Nov 27, 2019
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