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Medical Corset After Twins Pregnancy Helps Mom Regain Mobility After Childbirth

Medical Corset After Twins Pregnancy Helps Mom Regain Mobility After Childbirth

Today we wanted to share a fantastic testimonial from our customer and recent mother of twins, Heather! Heather used a Bellefit medical corset to help support her postpartum body and she couldn't be more thrilled.

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“Hi my name is Heather and I have been using Bellefit now for 2 and a half weeks post pregnancy. I had twins and I would totally recommend Bellefit.” I wore the Bellefit Corset as soon as I got home from the hospital. It held everything into place.

I had that jelly belly that is even worse with twins. My Bellefit medical corset completely held me up!

I had so many compliments and people saying how fast I recouped and got back into my original shape. Everyone at Bellefit when I called or emailed was so helpful and so kind. I live in Canada and they offered me a great shipping deal.

They ended up sending it to me the very next day! I have never had anything so quickly from the United States to Canada. I would totally recommend it.

My back hurt, I’d had an epidural and I found that even just walking around the house I was tender and sore, I would then put the Bellefit medical corset on and I could walk around the block and just 4 days after I’d had the girls.

I didn’t believe it when I first got it on. I’d had 2 boys prior and never did I feel so great after having a baby as I did with the Bellefit.

And I’m getting smaller, I’m getting back to my original shape because I can walk, because I can keep up with my kids now.It was comfortable and I am going to wear it as long as I possibly can. I even have a size down so that when I get down to my goal weight and the size that I want to be I have another one to fit for when I continue to loose weight.So I would definitely recommend Bellefit, it’s great anywhere you go, in the car it’s comfortable, I slept with it, no problems whatsoever and I kind of wish I had another one of this size so when I wash this one I have another one to put on while I wait for the other one to wash and dry.

I hope that you give Bellefit a chance and try their product because it really works!

They even sent me a complimentary pair of underpants, which works wonders as well. I haven’t yet to even have a days discomfort with Bellefit. So I hope you take my word and everybody else’s word and give them a try.

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Did You Know?

Bellefit Girdles are FDA Registered Medical Devices!

Certification #3010828570

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