Mom Blog Raves About Tighty Wifey Compression Tank Top

Mom Blog Raves About Tighty Wifey Compression Tank Top

Mom of 4 and fashion Blogger, Andrea from tried out Bellefit's Tighty Wifey Compression Tank Top. She had many great things to say about her experience.

Andrea is a big fan of shapewear for women, as she puts it, "I don’t see one thing wrong with wearing something that helps you feel confident and fit better into your clothing."


She adds that she's tried many different brands of shape wear, and Bellefit's Tighty Wifey™ has come out on top.
" I can definitely say the Tighty Wifey™ Postpartum Compression tank top has become my favorite tank top of all I’ve tried. It’s easy to wear under everything I own, is incredibly comfortable and smooths my entire midsection."


Andrea’s favorite features of the Tighty Wifey Compression Tank Top:

  • The length. Easily tuck it into any pants or skirt and there’s no worry it’s going to ride up.
  • It has a great blend of strength and support, holding you in just a bit (but not constricting) and smoothes out your silhouette.
  • Extra-wide strap design with easy to use clasp closures for nursing access.
  • The tank is made for women with breasts, it’s stretchy with front rucking in your bust line so you always look like you have breasts and they aren’t smashed. Also essential if you’re a breastfeeding mother.
  • Anti-Roll Design, Underwire-Free, Latex-Free, Breathable and Tag-less to name a few more things.

The Tighty Wifey™ Compression Tank Top is available in three colors, White, Black and Tan. They are also available in a variety of sizes. Order yours today at
Thank you Andrea!

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