Naming Your Baby and Keeping It a Secret

Naming Your Baby and Keeping It a Secret

When it comes to naming your baby and keeping it a secret, it's a deeply personal act that requires a great deal of consideration. The right name evokes a sense of power. It contributes to the well-being of the child and even becomes a part of their personality.

The wrong name, however, can subject your child to ridicule from unruly schoolmates. That's why you need to think about picking a name early on during pregnancy so you can make sure you make the right decision for your family.

How to Keep Your Baby Name A Secret

So, how do you keep your final choice of naming your child and keeping it a secret when everyone is dying to know the answer? It's possible you might slip up and refer to your growing belly by the child's first name. If you do, laugh it off and say that it's wishful thinking.

No one will know the gender of the child until you officially reveal it. For now, though, you can do the following things to make sure that the baby's name is top secret until you're ready to make an announcement.

This guide will help you name your baby, and keep it a secret from your family and friends.

Keep Uncle Terrence And Cousin Martha From Ruining The Surprise

Do your best to keep your baby name secret so that the surprise isn't ruined
Naming your baby and keeping it secret is keeps the surprise alive and kicking.

The minute you tell one family member your plan to give their name to the child that you're having, chaos ensues. They can't wait to gloat which means you'll have some explaining to do with everyone else.

Even if you do want to name your child after a loved one, keep it a secret until you're ready to make an announcement publicly. That way, you're not dodging questions or smoothing over hurt feelings in the process.

Keeping Baby's Name Secret Builds Anticipation For The Arrival

Build anticipation for the baby's arrival by keeping the name secret
Keeping the baby's name secret will make it fun for people guess the gender.

When you don't make the child's name common knowledge, you get to have a lot more fun with everyone. They'll suggest that you're pregnant with a girl when in reality you're pregnant with a boy.

The suspense will be too much for most people who can't wait to buy gender-specific presents opposed to unisex items for your little one.

You Can Have Things Monogrammed At A Later Date

Keeping your baby name a secret, you can choose the monogrammed gifts
Monogrammed gifts bearing child's initials could be fun without disclosing baby names.

Rather than receive a lot of monogrammed presents right away, you'll be able to pick and choose which items you want to bear the child's initials. Monogrammed clothing and blankets often become treasured keepsakes for parents.

You'll be able to choose quality over quantity by not letting everyone know your plans to name your child a certain name.

If you're not keen on naming your child the same name as a pregnant family member or friend, you may want to announce the name early to avoid problems.

Keeping Your Newborn's Name Secret Is A Big Surprise

Keep your baby's name a secret until you're ready to reveal it. It's especially important to do this if you're planning on having a gender reveal party and you know the sex of the child. You won't want to make it obvious especially if the name you picked out is particularly masculine or feminine.

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Did you had a tough time naming your baby and keeping it a secret? We would love to know how did you managed it.
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