Painted Baby Bump Favorites

Painted Baby Bump Favorites

There are many ways to commemorate the beauty of a pregnancy, and one of our favorites has got to be Pregnancy Belly Paintings! This popular art form takes personalizing a Belly to the extreme with beautiful and intricate designs that make for breathtaking photographs.

From colorful birds to popular cartoons, enjoy some of our Painted Baby Bump Favorites!

Logos are a great way to show love to your favorite brands!
Paint popular video game characters to show your fun and quirky side
Love Board Games? Show it on your bump!
For the nature lovers, colorful birds will do just right
If you love cartoons, then go for it!
Penguins are a great way to show eternal love
How cool is this Ultrasound Belly Paint?!!!
For the jokesters, Funny glasses are the way to go
Colorful virtues will show how much you cherish life
The silliest of characters are super fun to paint!
A Zen Henna Belly design is an beautiful alternative to Belly painting
If you love Comic books, this painted Belly design is right for you!
Fall baby bumps are great for a Pumpkin Paint!
Wise words by Dr. Seuss are always a great idea!
Butterflies always make a delicate and loving statement
A belly paint of Mother Earth is literally the mother of all belly paints
There's always love for Apple and their pioneering founder
Elegant roses will make your belly look as beautiful as you feel
Pregnancy Belly painting is a very popular art form and a great way to decorate your baby bump for a memorable photo. We hope you enjoyed our Painted Baby Bump Favorites!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
  • Category: News
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