Why A Postpartum Belt Is Your Ultimate Child Birth Recovery Ally

Why A Postpartum Belt Is Your Ultimate Child Birth Recovery Ally

Has the idea of purchasing a postpartum belt for your childbirth recovery hit you like nothing short of an epiphany? You’ve seen your friends either bouncing back like champs -or struggling all the way through. And then it clicked. Why having a less-than-fun time after giving birth when you could be enjoying your newborn’s first days and months?

Why let that back pain, ‘loose’ organs, and a bit of a jelly belly get the best of you? Just think about it. You could be moving freely around the house feeling like yourself again, in just a matter of days or weeks!

Do Postpartum Belts REALLY Work?

Do postpartum belts really work?
Postpartum belts help you get your body back post pregnancy

The process of recovering from childbirth is quite complex. In all honesty, not having a postpartum belt won’t make it ANY easier for you. Let’s just clarify that even when there are many products on the market, they may lack the high quality of medical-grade technology -or are not proper FDA registered medical devices.

What’s the point of wearing a postpartum belt that looks bulky, makes you sweat bullets, and doesn’t offer full rear support?

So, the answer to your question is: YES. Postpartum belts really work, as long as they present quality design and materials -and offer a great user experience. Your comfort and health should be top priorities.

In this article, we’ll share with you how you can make the most of your healing using one of Bellefit’s top postpartum belts! Learn all the benefits of the Bellefit Corset, a girdle loved by hundreds of happy moms. Say ‘Hi’ to your best recovery ally!

1. Wear It After Both Natural And C-Section Child Birth

Wear It After Both Natural And C-Section Child Birth
Postpartum belts are an effective tool to take care of your body after child birth

It’s great to know that regardless of how you are planning to give birth, you can wear the Bellefit Corset. Women that have gone through a C-section can benefit from the relief this postpartum belt brings to the wound, and feel totally put together!

When my doctor told me that I have to have a C-section (…) I knew I needed to find some kind of postpartum support. Leaving the hospital I wasn’t yet wearing my corset and in the car, I felt every single bump, it was painful. The next day I started wearing my Bellefit Corset, and it has made a difference in the world.”

Check out Amber’s full testimonial, here!

2. Wear It Right After Childbirth -And Care For Your Other Little Ones Freely!

Start wearing postpartum belts right after childbirth
Wear postpartum belts right after child birth

There’s no need to delay your childbirth recovery process. Sure thing, it’s uber-essential to stay calm and be patient while you heal. However, the chance of feeling better right away it’s not something you’d wanna overlook. Many moms that have just given birth to their 2nd or 3rd child can’t afford a ‘disappearing act’ that could impact negatively their other kiddies’ lives.

It was comfortable enough and made me feel more stable during exercise as well. (…) I’m able to love my toddler and newborn better because of the confidence Bellefit gave me. Let’s face it, postpartum recovery is hard enough without feeling unattractive at the same time!

Read Elise’s full testimonial, here!

3. It’s Easy To Put On

Postpartum belts are easy to put on
Postpartum belts are easy to put on

The Bellefit Corset features 3 rows of adjustable front hooks and adaptable crotch opening. It’s easy to put in, take out, and you don’t have to worry about going to the toilet. Just unhook it, sit, slide your legs down the leg holes, lay on your back, and hook it back. This way, putting on your corset won’t cause any pain or abdominal pressure.

Look how this 1-week postpartum mom easily puts on her Bellefit Corset!

4. It’s Subtle Under Your Clothes And Feels Like A Second Skin

Postpartum girdles fit well to your body
Your body will feel intact wearing postpartum girdles

How annoying would it be if everyone could tell you were wearing a postpartum belt!? Velcro flaps sitting on top of each other. Many layers of stiff fabric making you look like the ‘Mummy Returns.’ Binder’s uppers rolling down -not pretty! This is not about vanity. It’s about feeling great in your own skin. A perfectly designed girdle will help you feel just like that. It will provide the right compression without pressing too much or hurting, and it would go totally unnoticed under your outfit. Win-win!

I don’t have to think about how I’m looking, or if my clothes messed up while I was sitting down -and I have to readjust or anything like that. I definitely feel a lot better wearing it knowing that my stomach looks better, and I do feel like it’s helping me recover”

Read Beth’s full testimonial, here!

5. Helps Your Hips And Core Muscles Go Back To Their Pre-Pregnancy Shape

How to get your hips like as it was before pregnancy?
Getting your hips and core muscles back in shape isn’t tough.

On one hand, you may have noticed how your hips look now wider than before! This is one of the most common things happening during pregnancy, as your anatomy is getting ready to help your bub come out into the world. Another quite common ‘inconvenience’ caused by your body expanding during pregnancy is that your core muscles separate causing what’s known as Diastasis Recti. Picture this. Your uterus has been stretching non-stop for 9 months. The pressure on your abdominal muscles during this time is huge! The consequence? Bye-bye, 6-pack!

This is when a medical-grade postpartum belt becomes your ultimate ally! By providing the right level of compression in the exact areas of your body, your muscles, joints, and ligaments get the assistance they need.

The problem with wide hips and separated core muscles is that both can lead to other symptoms and increased pain. Unstable pelvic floor, back pain, bloating, and constipation are the most common.

“My core continued to get stronger as I wore it and I could work my core with the peace of mind that my Diastasis Recti was not being increased or hurt!”

Read Whitney’s full testimonial, here!

6. Did You Put On Quite A Bit Of Weight? This Postpartum Belt Comes In Sizes Up To 3XL

Postpartum belts are available in large sizes
Postpartum belts are available for all size of women

During pregnancy, many women go over the recommended weight. But, heads up: several reasons are causing this! If you had to spend most of your pregnancy in bed due to health issues, or if you went overboard with anxiety eating -powered by hormonal changes- you’d likely put on more weight than expected. This may sometimes lead to feelings of shame or low self-esteem.

We’re here to tell you that although this is not an ideal scenario, it’s a very common thing! Did you know that 47% of women don’t hit the right weight gain while pregnant? By all means, you should get guidance from your doctor. But if the time comes and you find yourself struggling, know that the Bellefit Corset comes in a wide range of sizes -up to 3XL. So no matter how much weight you’ve put on, we’re here to help you gain back your confidence and freedom of movement!

“I had a very difficult pregnancy and was on bed for many months. The lack of exercise and emotional eating contributed to a 55lb weight gain during my pregnancy. (…) I started to wear my compression corset as soon as I got home from the hospital. It was literally a lifesaver”

Read Angelica’s full testimonial, here!

7. A Postpartum Belt Will Help Flatten Your Tummy

Postpartum belt will help flatten the tummy
Postpartum belts are one of best tools to flatten the tummy

Why is the Bellefit Corset so efficient at flattening a post-pregnancy tummy? It’s all about perfect compression! The corset’s reinforced compression panels keep your whole midsection controlled and put together. What’s best, its back support panels and inner spiral boning help smoothing those love handles! As the corset has 3 adjustable front rows, you can control how tight it fits. New moms tell us all the time this is their favorite feature because they get to see -and measure- their progress every time they move on to the next row of hooks!

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles and Corsets – Medical Grade, FDA-Registered, Recommended since 2008, Available in 8 Styles & in Plus Sizes

I’ve Been Wearing The Bellefit Corset For 2 Weeks Now! (…)

It Helps Keep My Tummy Tight And My Posture Straight!”

Read Emily’s full testimonial, here!






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