5 Highly Recommended Labor Positions for Pregnant Women

5 Highly Recommended Labor Positions for Pregnant Women

Making Smart Decisions About the Best Positions for Labor

Want to know which labor positions are best for giving birth? It all depends on the stage of labor you’re currently in. Some are ideal during the labor process while others help with pushing the baby through the birth canal.

Whichever position you choose to be in at the time of delivery, know that it can help ease the process and make you feel more comfortable. That’s why it’s as important as it is to choose wisely when making this decision. This list contains the most common labor positions. Each has its own advantages.

Choose one or two of the best positions for labor that feel the most comfortable for you. That way, you aren’t in pain longer than you need to be while delivering.

1. Standing and or walking.

If you like to feel like you’re in charge of your own body, this is the right position for you to be in. It helps ease your mind by giving you something productive to do.

Man comforting pregnant woman while walking in the corridor at hospital
Walking is a great way to help induce Labor.

If you feel the need to rest one of the recommended labor positions is for you to lean against a wall or a supportive partner -- this truly helps. You’ll be able to catch your breath, compose yourself, and go for another walk around the room.

2. Sitting.

Sitting is one of the most common labor positions for pregnant women. Having comfortable pillows behind your back helps. It allows you to relieve some of the pressure that you’re feeling in your lower back and abdomen. That way, you won’t be in as much pain as the contractions quicken.

Pregnant woman with labor pain
Sitting is one of the most common labor positions for pregnant women.

By the way, as a mom-to-be, you'll need support for your lower back and abdomen. Wearing pregnancy panties especially designed to provide firm yet comfortable support to those areas will do wonders!

3. On your hands and knees.

Kneeling is one of the labor positions that has been proven to release pressure felt in the back area of pregnant women. If you grow tired of doing the position on the floor, try doing it in bed. It makes a significant difference if the nurse raises the head of the bed, too, because it allows you to maximize comfort.

labor positions kneeling

4. On an exercise ball.

Birthing balls are commonplace in most hospitals. They allow women to squat and open up their hips widely which helps with delivery.

Exercising while in labor

labor positions exercise ball

If you have the option to be in a delivery room with a birthing ball during your labor, consider yourself blessed. You’ll find that the inflatable ball provides a tremendous amount of relief.

5. Lying on your side.

Compression of blood vessel occurs when lying on your back. That’s why lying on your side is recommended. It allows your blood to flow and makes it easier for you to receive relief. If you need additional assistance, put a pillow between your knees to give you more comfort.

Pregnant Woman Sleeping
Lying on your side allows your blood to flow and makes it easier for you to feel relief.

Positions to help you push

There are many positions that help with pushing. For example, a squatting bar helps. Sitting on the toilet helps, too. It prepares the body for pushing.

Keep in mind that each of the labor positions listed here should be cleared with your medical team to prevent any problems from occurring.

Giving birth to a baby is hard work, but it doesn’t need to be scary. Knowing which are the best positions for labor is key. It allows you deliver your baby more smoothly and prevents complications that come with a child that gets stuck in the birth canal. You’ll be more comfortable and ready to push the infant out when you’re in the best position to do so.

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Make sure that after childbirth you are prepared to take care of yourself and feel supported with a postpartum girdle. Choosing the right girdle or corset will help you to greatly alleviate discomfort and the sensation of feeling a void in your belly after delivering your baby.

Have you discussed with your doctor which of the common labor positions would be best for you when "that day" arrives?

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