Your Baby's First Words

Your Baby's First Words

Among the many milestones in your baby’s life worth celebrating, your baby's first words are music to your ears. You’ll want to capture their babbling throughout their earliest stages of life because you know that you’ll soon hear words you can recognize such as “Momma,” “Dadda,” and “Baba.” Having them try to express themselves in a way that doesn’t involve crying is something you’ll cherish and want to record on audio or video so you can show them once they’re older.

Use this list to refer to whenever you’re expecting to hear your baby’s first words. It gives you an idea when to expect your child to speak as well as ideas on ways to encourage them to speak more than just baby talk.

Babies Start to Speak Between 9 and 14 Months of Age

babies say their first word between 9 and 14 months of age
When do babies say their first words?

You’ll hear them making sounds prior to saying their first words. They’re mimicking the sounds that they hear in their environment until they’ve reached about eight months in age. That’s when they start trying to formulate their first words. You’ll hear them say very simple words between nine months and fourteen months of age.

How to Encourage your Baby to Speak!

How to encourage your baby to start speaking at the right age!
Your encouragement can help your baby saying first words quite early.

If you want to foster a love for communication in your child, there are things you can do. For example, speaking slowly, clearly, and enunciating words helps them become familiar with the sounds you make. Stating that things belong to a specific person such as Mommy, Daddy, Sissy or Brother helps, too. They start to learn the names of the people they spend time with.

You can also read books to them at an early age and watch age-appropriate TV shows that focus on vocabulary, singing, and repetition. It’s among the easiest ways that children learn. They love the sing-songy sound of words being strung together and it helps them remember what they’ve heard better.

Babies Learn to Say No Very Soon

Your baby will learn to say no very soon
You baby will take your head off, once they start speaking.

Once your child starts learning more and more vocabulary, they’re likely to talk your head off. In fact, you’ll have a hard time believing that they didn’t speak. In fact, sometimes you’ll wish they never learned the word “No,” because it will quickly be their way of expressing defiance or disagreement with what you’ve asked from them.

Document Your Baby's First Words

Document the journey when your baby starts talking
Enjoy the first words of your child, even if you can't make out any meaning.

Your baby’s first words may sound a little less like gibberish. It’s a milestone worth documenting no matter how you look at it. Even if they say “Daddy,” before they say “Mommy,” it’s worth recording and sharing with others because it’s quite the feat. Your little one will have plenty more to say in the upcoming months, so get ready for it!

Sharing how your child is developing with family and friends is easy thanks to social media and the Internet. You can quickly press record on your smartphone and document the first time your child says different words or phrases. The people closest to you will delight in being part of you and your baby’s journey to becoming a well-spoken toddler.

Be Your Best Self, so They Can Too!

Encouraging your baby to start talking at the right age requires your attention, time and focus. After all, as a new mom you are going through many physical and mental transformations post delivery.

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If you have been one of those proud moms, who helped their baby speak out their first words easily at the right age, we would love to hear back. Let us know some of the tricks and tips you used yourself.

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