Feeling Lonely during Pregnancy

This may sound a bit hard to believe, but being pregnant can be a lonely time for some women since generally energy is low and emotions are running high. During this time, women are sensitive to the elements in their environment and so they miss out on a lot of the fun that their friends and family are continuing to have which can leave them feeling lonely during pregnancy.
Before you know it, you will become more comfortable with your pregnant self and resuming your social activities will happen in no time!
feeling lonely during pregnancy

Social Media Groups

  • As much as your friends and family love to know how you are doing with your daily status updates, it’s probably a great idea to find a group of women you can relate to.

Places like Facebook Groups have a large database of user created groups for like minded individuals to interact. In fact, you can even make lifelong friendships with women who totally understand what you are going through. Cool huh?


Weekly Hangout with Your Bestie

  •  Chances are you have a BFF whom you love hanging out with. Speak to her about your feelings and see if you gals can plan a weekly meet up to catch-up. Whether you meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or something non-meal related, this weekly date will give you something nice and fun to look forward to.


Hubby/Partner Time

  •  If your hubby or partner is busy working, chances are you missing them quite a bit. Make plans to share a special time together when you can hangout without phones, work or interruptions.
  • This special time will allow you to create a special bond during your pregnancy and share your feelings and dreams with each other in a comfortable environment. You can make this as simple or as exciting as you can both handle.


Visit Your Family

  • Whether your family lives nearby or far away, getting to spend time with them during your pregnancy can be truly comforting. Plan on a visit every now and then and get the love and support that you seek during this time when constant change has taken over your life.

Find a Hobby

  • As cliché as it sounds, finding a hobby can be a great way to keep your mind busy while doing something you truly enjoy. If you are an artistic person, perhaps you can take drawing or pottery classes, or if your thing is music, take up an instrument and learn how to play it. Art and music not your thing?
  • Well, the list of things you can take on is big, here are some suggestions, learn about photography, write a memoir, journal your pregnancy, read a book series, learn how to knit, make your own clothes, take a cooking class, join a gym…the list goes on and on. They key is to choose something that is interesting and that you enjoy.

When it comes to dealing with the many changes that take place during pregnancy, knowing how to manage the overwhelming feeling of loneliness can be a challenge. Keep the suggestions from above in mind and remember that your growing little bundle of joy will keep you company during every step of the way.


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