What's the Best Postpartum Girdle?

What's the Best Postpartum Girdle?

Ever wonder how celebrity moms, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Garner snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies so quickly? These moms wore postpartum girdles to reduce bloating and inflammation. It also got them working out sooner to shed the notoriously stubborn baby weight.

Thanks to the Internet, postpartum corsets are no longer the best kept secret exclusive to celebrity moms. They're becoming more and more accessible, but along with increased accessibility comes many products that claim to offer high-quality post-pregnancy support when they're really just shape wear undergarments — yes, there is a difference.

Our mission at Bellefit is to provide new moms with real support and confidence in their bodies after they give birth. We have the most extensive line of postpartum girdles and corsets, which is why we want to teach moms how to shop for the best post-pregnancy support garments on the market.

Just as every woman's body and pregnancy experience is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to girdle shopping.

Mom working while caring for her baby
We want to make shopping for the best postpartum girdle easy.

This article is the ultimate guide for shopping for the best postpartum corsets and girdles.

It will include topics on understanding different features, styles, and materials, how to get the best fit, and answer common questions about wearing a girdle postpartum. Going through this list of considerations will help you determine the best girdle for your recovery needs.

Why Choose A Girdle Or Corset Over A Belly Band Or A Postpartum Belly Wrap?

On your research for shopping for the best postpartum garment, you'll come across many different styles on the market — like the postpartum belly wrap or the belly band.

Let's go over the main differences between these styles in this section, so we can guide you through shopping for the best postpartum support garment.

Belly Wraps Belly Bands Bellefit Girdles/Corsets
• Wraps around the torso
• Made from bulky material
• Can easily become displaced
• Velcro fastening
• Inconsistent compression
• Wraps around the belly
• Made from light, elastic material
• Can easily become displaced
• Doesn't offer a strong enough compression
• Wraps around the torso, crotch, and butt for full support
• Feels more secure and is not easily displaced
• Made from flexible, breathable material
• Is more discrete underneath clothing
• Medical-grade compression

The main difference between a postpartum girdle/corset and a belly band or wrap is in the design, which ultimately indicates how much compression and support the garment can provide for your postpartum belly.

A postpartum girdle and corset offer the highest level of compression as a belly binder. A girdle covers the torso from under the bra line and has built-in underwear for maximum support and coverage. Because it has the highest level of compression, you get superior lower back reinforcement and extra support for the abdominal muscles, making it ideal for diastasis recti and c-section recovery.

One of the design flaws of the post pregnancy belt or belly wrap is that many women find it difficult for the garment to stay in place around their belly as they go about their daily activities, and it often becomes displaced as they sleep. If your garment isn't in the right position, you're missing out on the benefits of compression for your postpartum belly and back support.

Another thing to note is that postpartum belly wraps or bands are made from lightweight, elastic material at the expense of high-grade compression. They also tend to be more affordable. However, they offer fewer benefits and aren't much better than your average cosmetic body shaping underwear. If you're looking for a garment to help with postpartum recovery, we don't think these styles are worth it the money.

Great — now, with that out of the way, we can focus on shopping for the best postpartum girdles. Let's start with a few essential tips, especially for online shopping.

6 Postpartum Girdle Shopping Tips

Postpartum corset or girdle shopping isn't a science — but it does take some attention to detail and a bit of online research. The fact that you've landed on this article means you're already off to an excellent start.

Let's go over some of the essential tips for shopping online for a postpartum garment.

1. Look For Products Designed For The Postpartum Belly

Make sure you're looking for postpartum recovery garments and not just shapewear underwear. Postpartum clothes are designed to support the woman's body and the many changes you go through after pregnancy.

There are design features in postpartum girdles that you'll find will make your life so much easier, such as added back support panels and crotch openings that accommodate heavy flow pads for leakage.

2. Garment Adjustability For Versatility

Your body will undergo many changes after pregnancy. To get the most out of your postpartum belt, see that the garments are adjustable. Hook and eye fasteners are a superior adjustment closure over velcro straps or plain elastic fabrics. As you continue to wear your postpartum belly girdle, you'll notice your waist getting smaller. Having an adjustable corset allows you to change the tension as your body goes down in sizes.

3. Get Multiple Sizes If You Can Afford To

Check to make sure the garment style is available in multiple sizes — there is no such thing as a high-quality, one-size-fits-all for post pregnancy bodies. Moms find it helpful to purchase two girdles — one for when swelling is at its peak to wear immediately after giving birth. And a second size down to keep the benefits of compression therapy as you continue to lose weight.

4. Take Your Measurements In Your Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

We recommend you take measurements when you're roughly 34 weeks pregnant because this is typically the size you'll be immediately after giving birth. Take measurements at home with a garment tape measure and follow the company's size guide for the most accurate sizing.

Want a step-by-step guide on taking measurements?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll get into how to measure your body at home to shop for one our Bellefit girdles later in this article.

5. Only Buy FDA-Registered Postpartum Belly Devices

Check to see that the garment is an FDA-registered device. Healthcare professionals recommend these postpartum garments for women's post-pregnancy support because it offers medical-grade compression to support the abdominal muscles, minimizes back pain, and reduces swelling.

6. Read Product Reviews

You'll discover that the online mom community in the health and wellness space is super supportive. Our Bellefit moms love to share their stories about their postpartum recoveries.

We recommend you take a peek at product reviews for more information about the product you're about to buy to see if it sounds like it will provide you with the support you need. If the company doesn't have a review section, maybe there's a reason for it — we recommend you shop elsewhere.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles And Corsets Style Guide

In this section, we'll go over the eight Bellefit girdles and corsets styles with some of the main features for each style.

Bellefit Girdle Style Features
1. Corset • Full rear coverage
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Adjustable crotch opening
2. Dual-Closure Girdle • Full rear coverage
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Convenient padded side zipper
• Adjustable crotch opening
3. Cheekster Corset • Cheekster panty
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Adjustable crotch opening
4. Bodysuit Corset • 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Full rear coverage
• Open-bust bodysuit
• Adjustable & removable shoulder straps
• No boning
• Adjustable crotch opening
5. Corset Thong • 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Thong style panty
• Adjustable & removable shoulder straps
• Adjustable crotch opening
6. Girdle with Front Zipper • Padded zipper
• Full rear coverage
• Adjustable crotch opening
7. Girdle with Size Zipper • Padded size zipper
• Full rear coverage
• Seamless front
• Adjustable crotch opening
8. Girdle Pull-Up • Slip-on design
• Full rear coverage
• Seamless for discretion under clothing
• Adjustable crotch opening

If you're looking for an abdominal binder option without the built in panty, we've got you covered with high-quality waist trainer corsets with the same medical-grade compression fabric. These are excellent options as a follow-up to the Bellefit girdles.

Of the eight designs we've covered above, there are several popular options in the girdles we want to highlight.

The Best Girdle For Abdominal Compression: Girdle With Front-Zipper

The front-zipper is padded and excellent for peak swelling.

The girdle with front-zipper is the best option for when swelling is at its peak for both natural birth or c-section recovery. Many moms have their Bellefit girdle packed and ready to go in their overnight bag as one of their post-delivery essentials.

Postpartum belly swelling can happen for several reasons, including water retention, hormonal changes, reaction to a medication, and inflammation. The abdominal panel of the girdle with front-zipper is made from a triple reinforced fabric that offers the medical-grade compression to reduce swelling, support your core muscles, and lessen lower back pain.

The zipper is super easy to fasten and has in-seam padding to ensure there's no pinching or pulling on the skin to protect your incision. Like all our garments, the front-zipper is cut from soft and flexible hypoallergenic fabric for the most comfortable fit.

Can it get any better?

Absolutely! As a result of the full coverage compression, you get a flatter looking postpartum belly. Moms report feeling their best when recovering with a Bellefit postpartum girdle because it gets them exercising sooner and helps their pre-pregnancy clothes fit better.

The Best Design For Extra Stretch & Support: Dual-Closure Girdle

dual closure c-section girdle with hooks and side zipper
The dual-closure corset is an award winning, must-have postpartum device.

Thanks to the extra stretch and triple reinforced compression panel that covers the tummy and the back panel, the dual-closure girdle is the best postpartum garment for getting back into your workouts sooner.

It features a front hook-and-eye closure with three adjustable sizes and a padded side zipper. While all the styles are suitable for abdominal exercises, many moms find the dual-closure girdle provided the best support and comfort during their workouts to keep back pain at bay.

After giving birth, your womb to grow will naturally shrink back to size — the female body's healing process is truly amazing — However, it may not shink as fast as we'd like, leaving a tender and jiggly belly. This is perfectly normal, but it can make working out difficult as you've lost a lot of core strength during your pregnancy.

Strengthening your core muscles as soon as you get the green light from your doctor is the fastest and non-surgical way to treat diastasis recti and lose the extra belly flab.

It's not always easy getting back into an exercise routine, especially after a c-section. An abdominal binder keeps your belly firmly contained, allowing for better posture, deeper breathing, and offers extra support to the abdominals and lower back.

The Best Fit For Comfort & Discretion: Girdle Pull-Up

girdle pull up
Moms love the sleek appearance and easy slip-on design of the girdle pull-up.

The girdle pull-up style doesn't have any hooks or zippers around the torso, so it has a perfect seamless fit under form-fitting outfits. It still features the triple re-enforced abdominal and back panels to smooth the belly and make the dreaded "muffin top" disappear from your wardrobe.

What sets this apart from other cosmetic shapewear style undies — other than the fact it has FDA-approved medical-grade compression — is that it's designed for postpartum recovery. The pull-up has the same crotch opening as the other girdle styles to allow moms easy access to the groin region to switch out heavy flow pads without removing the entire garment.

The Best Fit For Long Torsos: Bodysuit Corset

The open-bust bodysuit is ideal for women with long torsos looking for full-coverage support.

The bodysuit corset also has the most complete coverage. It has an open-bust design to allow easy access for breast-feeding and adjustable shoulder straps and a full-panty style with an accessible crotch opening.

The best part is that while it's a full-coverage garment, it's still incredibly simple to slip on and off. The bodysuit smoothes all your postpartum belly bump after giving birth, while still maintaining a comfortable, seamless fit.

This is garment is great for bustier moms who require that extra support for back pain, while at the same time diminishing the size of the hips and belly.

How To Measure Your Body When Shopping For A Postpartum Girdle

Finding your size with a brand has never been simpler. Bellefit offers all eight girdle styles from size XS – 3XL.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the best time to measure your belly for a postpartum belly binder is at the eight-month pregnancy mark (32 – 36 weeks). This is usually the size of your belly after giving birth.

In your underwear, take a tape measure and run it across the fullest part of your hips, and match the measurement to the sizing chart below.

Girdle Size Weight (Lbs.) Hips (Inches)
XS Up to 105 32" – 35"
S 106 – 125 35" – 38"
M 126 – 145 38" – 40"
L 146 – 165 40" – 42"
XL 166 – 185 42" – 45"
2XL 186 – 225 45" – 49"
3XL 226 or more 49" – 53"

The most noticeable benefits of a high-quality postpartum belly binder will come from wearing your girdle consistently in the first few months after pregnancy. Your belly will drastically shrink, and you may need to switch to a smaller size to continue reaping the benefits of compression therapy. Moms often buy another girdle in the size down from their original purchase until they reach their pre-pregnancy body weight.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Corsets – Medical-Grade, FDA-Registered, Recommended Since 2008. Available in 8 Styles & in Plus Sizes.

How To Start Wearing A Postpartum Girdle

You can start wearing a girdle right after delivery —just make sure you get the OK from your doctor if you had a c-section delivery. You'll get the best results from compression therapy when you begin wearing your girdle while swelling is at its peak, and leave it on all day and throughout the night.

If you purchased two girdles, you want to start wearing the girdle you measured your belly for when you were roughly 34 weeks pregnant — as your waist and hips are larger towards your due date. Wearing your corset for at least 30 days will help reduce the appearance of your belly and reduce swelling with lasting results.

When most of your swelling subsides, moms will switch to the smaller girdle size — typically, they'll choose one they think will offer the best support for exercise because, at this time, you should be able to get back into your exercise routines in full swing.

The hooks, zippers, and compression linings may seem intimidating at first, but we promise that putting on the girdle is simpler than you think. We've outlined a step-by-step guide (with a video) on how to put on a girdle. Many moms find this helpful for putting on their girdle for the first time.

To Wrap Up: The Best Postpartum Girdle Comes from Bellefit

Overall, the best postpartum girdle or post pregnancy corset will depend on the support you're looking for in a garment. We've outlined the four best sellers in our collection of FDA-approved postpartum belly binders above and provided some best practices for girdle shopping.

No matter which style you choose, each garment by Bellefit is designed to perform the same job — help you return to your pregnancy body faster and boost your confidence during your postpartum recovery.

We hope you found this ultimate guide to the best postpartum girdle helpful for shopping. If you've already found the best belly binder for your postpartum recovery, or have any questions to ask other moms, please feel free to leave a comment below. After all, we're here to support each other on this journey through motherhood.

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