C-Sections and Diastasis Recti Are No Match for Bellefit Girdles

C-Sections and Diastasis Recti Are No Match for Bellefit Girdles

Bellefit Mom, Tawanda, knew she would need help recovering after her first C-section so she purchased her Bellefit Corset early.

We got in touch with this Bellefit mom to hear her post pregnancy girdle review and find out how it worked for her.

"Bellefit was a life changer! Literally!" reminisced Tawanda.

medical postpartum corset with hooks and side zipper

Her results were impressive and proof that C-sections and Diastasis Recti are no match for Bellefit Girdles.

post pregnancy girdle review

When I found out that I had to have a c-section I immediately searched for any item that would help me bounce back and keep my stomach in good condition seeing as though I couldn’t work out.

I ordered my Bellefit Corset early, so I was able to wear my garment while in the hospital!

"I looked amazing and all the staff members and nurses who entered the room gave me rave compliments." added the happy new mom.

Tawanda's Post Pregnancy Girdle Review Doesn't End There!

Diastasis Recti
Diastasis Recti

I soon found out that I had Diastasis recti; it’s an abdominal separation that often times goes unnoticed.

I could fit 4 fingers in the separation in my belly and now only 2 which is considered normal]I'm not saying that Bellefit cured my Diastisis recti, but it aided in the healing process and helped my abdominal muscles tremendously." she affirmed."Bellefit is a very comfortable garment. The reviews were right about that. I'm happy that I researched and found your site when I did.

Now I look forward to having more children via cesarean because I have Bellefit in my corner. Thank you so very much for thinking of us mommies."

Learn more about a post pregnancy girdle.

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  • Jul 08, 2016
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