The compliments I received made my after labor experience remarkable!

The compliments I received made my after labor experience remarkable!

First time mom and U.S. Marine, Destiny M., was overdue at 42 weeks of pregnancy and worried about being able to get fit after having her baby. Fortunately, with the help of a Bellefit Girdle, not only did she reclaim her fit shape, but now has a more toned and shapely figure as well.

This is what Destiny had to say about her after labor experience with the Bellefit Girdle:

"When I first heard the news that I was pregnant it was a rush of emotions, both excitement and fear! See all my life I have been fit, from high school volleyball to being a United States Marine, fitness has played a huge role in my life. So at 42 weeks of pregnancy I was overdue and super scared my stomach would start to rip, thank god it did not!"

"I had been researching Bellefit Girdles for months and right before my labor my husband purchased one for my birthday. The day I left the hospital I had my husband help me into it. Bellefit immediately gave me full support and helped relieve pressure off my back."

"The shrinkage in my stomach was remarkable after just two weeks of wearing my girdle everyday. When I removed my Girdle after 10 weeks I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight!"

"It is now exactly six months later and people honestly don’t believe my daughter came from my belly. I am now even smaller than before I was pregnant plus I have tight toned abs and a fantastic body. The daily compliments I receive have made my whole after labor experience truly remarkable! I cannot thank Bellefit enough!!!!!"

~ Destiny M.

Congratulations Destiny M.!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 08, 2016
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