Breast Changes During Pregnancy : How to Deal!

Breast Changes During Pregnancy : How to Deal!

Your belly won’t be the only thing changing in size while you’re pregnant. Your breasts will swell, too! It’s due to an increase in blood flow which makes the milk ducts larger. You can count on going up at least one cup size in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Some women, however, never experience an increase in breast size which isn’t anything to worry about. Breast changes during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, which can be easily dealt.

The following list helps prepare you for the changes that occur in your breasts during pregnancy.

Tenderness due to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) from the Placenta

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone impacts breast tenderness
Due to the release of hCG hormone, you will feel an increased tenderness in breasts.

If your breasts start feeling sore shortly after conception, don’t be alarmed. It’s to be expected! Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that ups the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

It’s what gets the milk glands ready to start producing milk to feed your baby. Some women note that even a gentle breeze is enough to make you cringe when your breasts are feeling exceptionally tender, so keep that in mind.

A Need for a New Bra, stat!

Buy a comfortable bra with three or four hooks to cope with breast changes
Buy new bra to remain comfortable and stylish during your pregnancy.

You’re going to want to buy a bra that is comfortable and stylish so that it will last you throughout your pregnancy. Find one that is supportive without poking into your skin.

Some women opt to forgo underwire for that precise reason because it can be very uncomfortable given the new tenderness that you feel in your breasts.

Looking for a bra with a closure that consists of three or four hooks is ideal. It allows your breasts to continue swelling without outgrowing the new bra you’ve purchased.

Sore Nipples and a Need for Greater Privacy

sore nipples are quite common in most of the pregnant women
You will feel some soreness in your nipples and an increased need of privacy.

Your nipples look and feel considerably different after you’ve been pregnant for a while. You may find that you’re self-conscious around your partner, feeling the breast changes.

You may not feel comfortable undressing in front of them and may feel less inclined to be intimate. Talking about your experience about breast changes helps your partner understand what’s going on with you.

Small Drops of Milk produced at later Stages of Pregnancy

leaking breasts are common during last semester of pregnancy
During later stages of pregnancy, you will feel small drops of milk at your nipples.

You may notice your breasts starting to leak during the last semester of pregnancy. It’s the colostrum that you’re seeing. This important nutrient-filled liquid is essential for your nursing baby’s health.

If you’re showing signs of milk production before delivering, be glad as it can take a few days after birth for your baby to get into the hang of breastfeeding.

Don’t worry, though, because your newborn will be lapping up the milk soon enough. It helps build their immune system, so they’re able to fight off infection as their body continues to grow and develop.

Contact Your OBGYN Right Away with Concerns Regarding Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Consult OBGYN for any medical concern during pregnancy
Contact your OBGYN immediately, in case you notice any abnormal symptom in your body.

Pregnancy changes the body in many ways, including your breasts. It isn’t cause for alarm unless you’ve noticed some significantly abnormal symptoms occur as a result of the influx of hormones you’re producing.

In any case, you can always speak to your OBGYN about any concerns that you have. An examination of your breasts will alert you to any problems that may be occurring in the chest area of your body.

Breast Changes After Pregnancy

Some women feel very concerned about the changes happening to their body during pregnancy, some even get stressed. Hormonal changes during pregnancy bring some physiological changes as well as psychological changes, but it is quite normal for all pregnant women. Moreover, the impact is not only limited during pregnancy but post pregnancy too.

Postpartum girdles to keep you in shape post pregnancy
Bellefit® Postpartum Girdles & Corsets – Medical-Grade, FDA-Registered, Doctor-Recommended since 2008.

After pregnancy, it is very likely you will have soreness and tenderness on your breasts and the nipple area. Much of this is caused by the production of milk that occurs once you have your child. Having a postpartum girdle can add some extra support for your breasts, and can help you cope with new insecurities and changes that may occur as a new mom.

Confidence and belief in your own self is the key to deal not only with the breast changes, but also to many other changes happening psychologically as well as physiologically during pregnancy. Our postpartum girdles help you feel better and get back your confidence.

Let us know your own experience about the breast changes you have felt during your own pregnancy and how did you dealt with it.
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