Mood Swings During Pregnancy – 5 Things You Must Know

Mood Swings During Pregnancy – 5 Things You Must Know

If you’ve ever experienced mood swings while menstruating, you understand that a change in hormones causes them. The same can be expected while pregnant. It’s not unusual for you to feel emotional throughout your pregnancy. In fact, knowing what is causing feelings of discomfort can help you refocus your energy on something positive and productive.

Wondering when do mood swings start during pregnancy? The first trimester proves to be the most volatile. After that period of time, you can count on things getting better. Knowing how to handle your moods helps the not-so-pretty ones pass quickly.

Here is a list of things you should know about mood swings and pregnancy.

1. You’re not alone in how you’re feeling

Young girl comforted by friend
It is important to remember that mood swings are a common part of pregnancy and you are not alone in this journey.

Most women feel changes in their body and mood while pregnant. Know that you’re in good company. Join an online community for new moms so you can share your experiences with other women who understand what you’re going through. You will also be able to find numerous tips and tricks on how to manage mood swings during pregnancy. If you do suspect you’re depressed, it’s important to share your feelings with a mental health professional.

2. There is a silver lining to every cloud

Pregnant woman sitting on the bed
Remember, after every storm a beautiful rainbow awaits. Enjoy the beautiful period while it lasts!

When your mood hits rock bottom, it’s important to know that it will eventually pass. One of the fastest ways to shift your mood is to focus on something positive. Even if you’re unable to do an activity that focuses on the thing that you’re thinking about, the thought of it will help bring a smile to your face. Remember fond memories and plans for the future. Allow these things to help you reframe your current situation. You’ll feel in control of your feelings better once you’ve practiced the technique of reframing a couple of times.

3. They’re called your support system for a reason

Battling mood swings during pregnancy
You do not have to fight the battle alone. Let your loved ones know so they can support you throughout the journey.

Rely on your spouse, family, and friends in times of need. Talk to them about how you’re feeling. They may be able to give you advice and help you through the mood that you’re experiencing. After all, they know you very well and can distract you with funny stories or an impromptu shopping trip so that you forget how mad or sad you were when you first spoke to them. Knowing what helps with mood swings during pregnancy can go a long way in helping you ease your emotions.

4. Hunger can cause you to be hangry during pregnancy

Pregnant woman relaxing at bedroom
Keep nutritious snacks in hand to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Keep a supply of nutritious, filling snacks on hand to see you through the day. That way, you don’t confuse hunger for an emotion. You may be feeling tired and irritable because you haven’t consumed enough calories. Hunger can aggravate your mood swings during pregnancy. Look for nutrient-dense options that fill you up and help you sustain blood sugar levels. That way, you’re not crashing fast after loading up on carbs.

5. Laughter lifts your mood fast

Pregnant woman in studio on white background
Fun Fact: Laughter can help alleviate mood swings and boost your mood significantly!

Go on and laugh your way to a good mood. Turn on a funny video or listen to a comedy podcast. Call your funniest friend and ask them to speak to you in a ridiculous accent. It may sound crazy but it works! These seemingly peculiar tips will make coping with mood swings during pregnancy easier.

Fight Mood Swings After Pregnancy

Mood swings and irritability during pregnancy are to be expected, especially considering the weight a woman puts on while carrying a child as well as physical symptoms such as swelling and nausea. But many women don't realize that you can have mood swings after pregnancy too!

After pregnancy, your hormones have to adjust back to their normal level. This leaves many women emotional, and many women have to adjust to their new post-pregnancy body. Not only do you have to care for a new baby but you also have to take care of your own body, especially right after you give birth.

A lot of discomfort that comes after giving birth can be relieved with a comfortable postpartum girdle. In fact Bellefit has some girdles that are specifically formulated to offer firm support to your back and lower abdomen. These girdles, help take the pressure off your back, relieve back pain, combat diastasis recti, and help you feel comfortable in your body again.

Being able to recognize what triggers your mood is important as it will allow you to determine the best way to cope with the way that you’re feeling. It could be as simple as deep breathing or eating a protein-rich snack when you’re hungry. Don't worry about the excess calories! Once your beautiful pregnancy journey comes to an end, you can also use Bellefit's postpartum corsets to bounce back in shape!

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Corsets - Medical-Grade, FDA-Registered, Recommended Since 2008. Available in 8 Styles as well as Plus Sizes.

Do you think a healthy diet - coupled with a few lifestyle changes – are enough to effectively manage those crazy mood swings during pregnancy?

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