Mom affected with Diastasis Recti avoids reparative surgery and recovers with the Bellefit Corset!

Mom affected with Diastasis Recti avoids reparative surgery and recovers with the Bellefit Corset!

Flatter and Tighter Belly after a 75 Lb Pregnancy

“It wasn’t until my 4 week PP appointment that my OB pointed out that I had severe Diastasis. A 4″ separation in my abdomen. I just assumed that I still looked 6 months pregnant because I had given birth to an 11 Lb. baby and gained about 75 Lb. (thanks to developing Gestational Diabetes).

I was basically told that there wasn’t much that I could do to fix my bulging belly unless I was willing to undergo cosmetic surgery. I wasn’t convinced that surgery was the only answer, so I did a little (actually a LOT) of online research to educated myself on Diastasis Recti.

Many blogs later, it was suggested that the use of a medical grade girdle would yield results. Although I had already been using garments like Spanx, I realized they were not providing the support I needed to heal.

Desperate, I researched every Postpartum Girdle I could and read nearly every customer review determined to find the best! I found the Bellefit Girdle.

Flatter and Tighter stomach after diastasis diagnosis with Bellefit

Nothing is more persuasive than real photos of real people and their stories.

The Bellefit website was also the only one that I found that even addressed Diastasis as a complication of pregnancy.

Convinced I had found the solution, I purchased the Bellefit Corset in a size small on the 21st of March 2012, 4 weeks after delivering via c-section.

Even though it was a little snug, it was comfortable. Based on the chart, I was in between a medium and small. So I decided to go with the small. I was optimistic that soon it would produce results.

I couldn’t be happier. Absolutely worth every penny! I wore it nearly every second of the day for almost 3 months. I would only take it off to wash. The security and support it offers are considerable!

As you can see from my photos I do not have a perfect, flawless belly, but it was important to me to look good and feel good about myself again. I am 5’3″_x009d_ tall, weigh 120 Lb. and was size 2 pre-pregnancy. At delivery I was 195 Lb, size HUGE and weighed about 175 Lbs at my 4 week Postpartum appointment. I still have a few pounds to lose, but at 127 Lb., I feel great and my belly is flatter and tighter than after baby #1.

Thank You Bellefit” ~ Candice B.

Bellefit Girdles

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