Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas

You don’t have to look far to find the internet full of gender reveal ideas. They’re pinned to Pinterest, shared on Instagram, and documented through Facebook Live videos. The pregnancy parties range from simple to elaborate with some ideas reaching viral status thanks to the millions of views they get on YouTube.

A Guide to Different Ways to do a Gender Reveal of Your Baby

  • Use this guide to help you plan your own gender reveal party. It’s full of fun and exciting ideas that include your family and friends. You’ll have a blast planning and throwing a gender reveal party in anticipation of your baby’s birth.
Bellefit gender reveal party guide
Include your family in your gender reveal , this is a way to welcome your baby to your family.

Making Your Family and Friends a Part of the Occasion

  • It doesn’t matter if you're planning a small or gigantic event. One fact remains. A gender reveal party is something that you want because it serves as a formal welcome party for your baby. It allows you to share your experience with the people who are closest to you.
gender reveal with a piñata
You can use a piñata to do your gender reveal. It can be store bought or a DYI project.

A Piñata Party

  • If you want to add to the element of surprise by being blindfolded and smashing a piñata open together, a piñata party is where it’s at.
  • You can make your own piñata easily using balloons, strips of newspaper, and homemade glue made from water and flour mixed together.
  • You can then decorate it however you want using colored tissue paper.

Bonus Idea: Fill the piñata with pink or blue colored toys and candies that the kids can have after you’ve broken it open.

Use a bar dressed in the blue or pink to do your gender reveal


  • This fun idea involves a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal and two sets of clothing, one meant for a girl and the other meant for a boy.
  • Before the reveal, the toy is dressed in the appropriate set of clothing.
  • When revealed, the couple can hold up the bear dressed in pants or a dress to share the gender of the baby

Bonus Idea: Give the bear away in a drawing at the end of the party as a way of thanking everyone for showing up.

Guest wear blue or pink pins for the gender reveal party
Have your guests wear a pink or blue pin or ribbon with pin to see what they think the baby’s gender is.

Guessing Game

  • Create different colored ribbon pins and place them in bowls around the party location.
  • Ask everyone to grab the color of their choice as a way of guessing the gender of the child.
  • You’ll be able to see who guessed that the baby was going to be a girl by the number of pink ribbons you see on people’s clothing.
  • The same goes for boy guesses because there will be a sea of blue ribbons wherever you look.

Bonus Idea: Offer a prize to one of the “winners” by handing everyone who guessed correctly a number and using a randomizer on your phone to pick a person to reward.

wait until your gender reveal party to learn the gender of your baby

Learn the Gender of Your Child If You Don’t Already Know It

Gender reveal parties are a popular way to celebrate the arrival of a newborn child. They allow a couple’s family and friends to take part in the celebration. Also by having them try to guess the sex of the child. Sometimes, the parents don’t know the gender of their baby which adds an element of surprise to the occasion.

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