Having a Second Baby Soon After Your First One

Having a Second Baby Soon After Your First One

You have a happy little family of three and your toddler is making things easier as he or she becomes more and more independent. Even more exciting is the fact that you are starting to get back in shape and feeling like yourself again. Then suddenly you wake up one day with annoying heartburn and brushing your teeth makes you gag a little bit.

Without a shadow of a doubt you look at yourself in the mirror and you just know you must be pregnant! How joyful to be bringing in a second baby into your family, but is it too soon?

Many families experience a similar growth when moms become pregnant soon after their first baby is born. On a positive note, although it can be somewhat challenging, it is totally doable. Look on the bright side, you most likely still have all the baby stuff you used for your first baby, so buying too many things wont be absolutely necessary.

mom with first born and second baby in her belly
Big Brother caressing moms belly with her second baby

You are also fresh in the knowledge of baby care since you have only recently gone through it, so you will be quite the pro when your second baby is born.

  • And also think about how cool it will be for your first child to have a sibling to play with, they will grow up being close in age and create a bond that will last a lifetime.
  • Help your toddler understand what is happening by reading them books about the subject, you can also bring them with you to all of your Doctor and ultrasound appointments, and last but not least, you can talk to them about it.
  • Make this pregnancy a family experience with your toddler so they will be excited to expect a sibling.
Big Brother excited about moms pregnancy with her second baby

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Keep in mind that having two consecutive pregnancies close together puts a more intense strain on your body.

Be sure to maintain

  • a healthy diet
  • get enough rest whenever it’s possible
  • consider wearing a postpartum recovery garment to support your delicate torso.

Postpartum recovery garments have proven to be great tools for moms taking care of a toddler and an infant since they keep mom feeling good about her and more importantly, reduce pain and strain on their torso.

Abdominal Binders come in All Shapes and Sizes - Bellefit has 4 Styles designed for specific body types, vaginal deliveries and c-sections.

Now that your family is growing you will experience a life full of joy, little rest of lots of cleanups. Let yourself live in the moment and enjoy everything that comes with these quick changes to your little brood.

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