How Mom of Triplets Got Her Body Back

How Mom of Triplets Got Her Body Back

Bellefit is proud to announce that we are honoring Valerie T. from Wakefield, Massachusetts as the Postpartum Recovery Featured Mom of triplets for November 2013!

Every month we hear such amazing and inspiring postpartum recovery stories from moms all around the world.

Valerie’s Video Testimonial

We are always so impressed when we see your transformations and wanted to take a moment to share some of these stories with the mom community to help spread the word about the amazing benefits of Bellefit.

Valerie's Postpartum Recovery Story

postpartum recovery story mom of triplets

Our Postpartum recovery story featured mom of triplets, Valerie T., gave birth to a trio of handsome baby boys earlier in 2013.

The level of change in the body of a woman who carries triplets can be quite challenging.

This is especially true during the postpartum recovery since it takes place simultaneously to a woman caring for her newborn, in Valerie's case, three newborns!

We caught up with the Super Mom of three as she shared her postpartum recovery story of her Bellefit postpartum girdle and how it facilitated her recovery.

This was my first pregnancy and to my surprise, it was triplet baby boys!

Valerie’s doctors recommended she gain a lot of weight to give her babies a chance and to keep them in their safe little nest for as long as possible.

"I gained a total of 100 pounds during pregnancy and knew that I would need some help for recovery after childbirth."

I had a full term pregnancy of 36 weeks and 2 days, which is standard for triplets.

"My boys were born between 4-6 pounds each and were delivered via c-section" shares Valerie.


Other Results using Bellefit Postpartum Girdles

“I never spend money on stuff like this, but a friend of mine whom recently had a c-section told me about Bellefit and how much it helped her.”

I had also heard from my friends that hospitals just don’t give you enough aide with compression after c-sections….they just patch up your incision and have those velcro wraps that slide off and hurt.” said the first time mom of three.

“After hearing these things, I went online and bought a Bellefit corset on a whim.”


had a great level of support from Bellefit that she found nothing short of amazing. “I began wearing it the week I gave birth to my triplets and felt a huge relief on my back as soon as I put it on. It stabilized me and gave me much needed support near my c-section incision.” “I feel like my Bellefit accelerated the healing process and the fact that I was walking around and out and about so soon was amazing to me,” says Valerie. ”With triplet babies to care of, having that support on my core postpartum was a huge relief.”

medical postpartum corset with front hooks

Aside from the medical benefits, Bellefit helps women get back in shape and into their pre-pregnancy clothing faster. Valerie talks about what Bellefit did for her: “My pre-pregnancy jean size and goal after birth was size 8. After gaining 100 pounds, I never thought I’d get back to my shape again. So I wore my Bellefit Corset in Size Large for 2 months and then got the Pull up in Medium which I wore for about a month and a half. After 5-6 months, I am now size 8-10, almost back to my pre-pregnancy size” shares the happy mama.

In this success story, Valerie — our postpartum recovery featured mom of triplets — found Bellefit to be extremely beneficial to her recovery.

“Bellefit worked, I wore mine mostly during the day for a total of almost 4 months and it made a difference. I no longer need to wear it because I got the results I was looking for.”

“I have recommended it to all my friends and I made sure that all of my sisters–who also had c-sections–got their Bellefits as well.” Valerie just could not say enough great things about her experience with the Bellefit postpartum recovery garments: “Bellefit is an unbelievable product! If you’re expecting 1, 2, 3, or whatever amount of babies, I cant imagine what it does for women who are having one baby, because it worked miracles for me and I had triplets, they were big boys, and I’d gained a ton of weight. I never thought I’d go back to my pre-pregnancy shape, specially in under a year!”.

“This product is great if you’re just checking it out, try it out!”

What is a Postpartum Girdle?

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