How to Put on a Bellefit Girdle for Women Video

Laying down to wear corset

This Video Shows How Women Wear Girdles

Step by Step Guide for Wearing Girdles

  1. A good place to put on your girdle is in your bedroom, because you will need to lie down to put it on properly.
  2. Begin by sitting down.
  3. Step into your girdle and pull the top up to your hips.
  4. Next, lie down. Your abdomen will flatten naturally when you do this.
  5. From this position, pull your girdle up as high as it will go, ideally just under your bra line.
  6. If you have a Bellefit Dual Closure or Corset, you should fasten the hooks now, while you are lying down.
  7. If your girdle does not have hooks, then simply pull it up to just under your bra line.
  8. Now stand up. If you purchased a Dual Closure or a Girdle with Zipper, fasten the hooks under the zipper from your hips up to your ribs. Then zip it up.

Photos of Women Wearing Girdles After Childbirth

You are Almost Finished!

Now it is time to fasten the groin flap.

  • To do this, slightly bend your knees and pull the groin flap forward to the front of your body.
  • Fasten the hooks of the flap to the row of hooks that is most comfortable on the girdle.
  • Gently pull the girdle up and adjust it so that it fits comfortable just under your bra line.

In Conclusion: Learning How to Put on a Girdle for Women is Simple

Each of these garments perform the same job – help you return to your pre-pregnancy shape faster. Each style is specifically suited to target natural birth or c-section as well as the different body shapes out there. Learn more about what’s it like to wear a girdle.

Once your Bellefit compression garment is in place, you will feel supported and more confident all day long.

Bellefit Girdles & Corsets

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