Featured Mom Danielle Shares her 3 Week Results with Bellefit Postpartum Belly Band

Featured Mom Danielle Shares her 3 Week Results with Bellefit Postpartum Belly Band

Our July featured mom of two, Danielle B., gave birth to her second baby girl early in 2015. She proudly wore a Bellefit postpartum belly band for her recovery.

Danielle experienced a very rough recovery after the birth of her first daughter 2 years ago. She wanted to make sure that this time around she'd have a more positive experience.We caught up with the sweet mom of two as she shared how the Bellefit postpartum belly band was the perfect solution for a great recovery after giving birth."I spent about 5 months looking at comments and reading testimonials about the Bellefit postpartum belly band before I decided to buy it. I wanted to make sure that this was real" shares, Danielle."I've always been very athletic and being pregnant changed my body so much. During my first pregnancy, I heard about the postpartum belly band but someone convinced me that it wasn't worth it. So, I didn't get one then and I still regret taking their advice. I had Diastasis on my abdomen and I had issues with my body that I wish I didn't have."

postpartum belly band

"I know people say that Bellefit is expensive and that it’s a lot of money to fork out. But, if you save $10 every month of your pregnancy, you’ve got it paid for by the end of it. That’s how I justified it this time."

"The birth of my first daughter was horrible. I was in labor 12 and a half hours. The umbilical cord ripped, I was in a lot of pain and was put on bed rest for two weeks after she was born" she recalls.

"I needed help with everything, even after I was allowed to move around, I still needed help.

This time I went to the hospital with my Bellefit postpartum belly band packed in my bag to help me feel better after giving birth.

Thankfully, I had an easy labor with no complications. My Doctor cleared me to start wearing my Bellefit one day after my baby girl was born." said Danielle.

“The first time I put it on it was super tight, I wondered if I was going to be okay wearing it. Then, I noticed that every time I put it on it was easier to slip on. It was becoming looser, I knew that it meant that it was working!”

After this pregnancy, I decided to take progress pictures. I wanted to see the difference that the Bellefit postpartum belly band was making and to show my friends that it really did help me.

At the two week mark when I took my picture and looked at it, I was shocked. I posted it on Instagram and people couldn’t believe that I’d just had a baby! It was a very happy moment.

I’m not trying to sound vain. It’s just nice to go from looking like you’re pregnant —when you’re not— to looking like yourself again.” shares the happy mama.

Danielle recalls how the compression of her Bellefit postpartum belly band made everything easier for her.

“Bellefit created a pressure that relieved a pressure. It made things that normally would be hard after having a baby extremely easy, like getting up, coughing and holding my baby!”


Bellefit gave me the chance to actually keep up with my daughters and take on my duties as their mother. It helped me make sure that at 3 o’clock in the morning my newborn was getting fed and at 2 o’clock in the morning my 2 year old was getting up to go potty.
I could actually do it!

I didn’t need my husband or my mother anymore, I didn’t need anybody here to help me because I could do it! It was great to be able to have that kind of independence so soon after.”


In total, I wore my Bellefit postpartum belly band for about 3 and a half weeks when I noticed that it was no longer tight. It did exactly what I needed it to do, it helped me so much.”

So, I packed it away with my maternity clothes. Now it’s ready for the next time we have a baby.”

Postpartum recovery with Diastasis can be difficult. Danielle had a great level of support from the Bellefit postpartum belly band that almost completely closed the gap of her muscle separation. She even plays Rugby now!

Woman showing her Bellefit postpartum belly band results

“If I could describe my experience with Bellefit, it would be AWESOME.”

It was a huge confidence booster being able to wear my clothes again. It was nice to have people telling me that I didn’t look like I’d just had a baby.

That’s always a great thing for a woman to hear after she’s given birth.

“I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that would listen to me. It was an all around great experience.”

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