How to Put on a Bellefit Girdle for Women Video

How to Put on a Bellefit Girdle for Women Video

First off, congratulations on purchasing your first Bellefit girdle. This garment is more than just your cosmetic waist trainer corset. It's an FDA-registered medical device, and it's the best investment for your health after childbirth.

Your Bellefit Girdle is safe to wear immediately after surgery, and, in fact, helps relieve pain and speed recovery time.

Bellefit Girdle Styles

Bellefit has the most complete line of postpartum girdles on the market with eight girdle styles to choose from in sizes XS - 3XL.

Girdle Style Features
1. Corset • Full rear coverage
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Adjustable crotch opening
2. Dual-Closure Girdle • Full rear coverage
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Convenient padded side zipper
• Adjustable crotch opening
3. Cheekster Corset • Cheekster panty
• 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Adjustable crotch opening
4. Bodysuit Corset • 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Full rear coverage
• Open-bust bodysuit
• Adjustable & removable shoulder straps
• No boning
• Adjustable crotch opening
5. Corset Thong • 3-row adjustable front hooks
• Thong style panty
• Adjustable & removable shoulder straps
• Adjustable crotch opening
6. Girdle with Front Zipper • Padded zipper
• Full rear coverage
• Adjustable crotch opening
7. Girdle with Size Zipper • Padded size zipper
• Full rear coverage
• Seamless front
• Adjustable crotch opening
8. Girdle Pull-Up • Slip-on design
• Full rear coverage
• Seamless for discretion under clothing
• Adjustable crotch opening

Each garment performs the same job — help you return to your pre-pregnancy body faster. Each style is designed to accommodate natural birth and c-section deliveries.

This article is a step-by-step on how to safely put on your Bellefit corset, and we'll answer important questions about wearing your abdominal binder after surgery.

Let's get straight into it with a short video demonstrating how women wear girdles.

This Video Shows How Women Wear Girdles

How Do You Put On A Girdle?

Putting on a girdle isn't complicated, but if it's your first time, it does help to have some instructions, so you know how it should fit and feel.

All Bellefit garments are designed to fit tightly around the torso — so following these directions on how to put on a corset will help you wear your abdominal binder safely and comfortably.

Step-By-Step Guide To Wearing A Postpartum Girdle:

  1. We recommend putting your Bellefit girdle on in the bedroom because it's easier to lie down on a bed to put it on properly.
  2. Begin by sitting down.
  3. Step into your girdle and pull the top part of the garment up to your hips.
  4. Next, lie down on your back. Your back and abdomen will flatten when you do this.
  5. From this position, pull your girdle up as high as it will go. Ideally, just beneath your bra line.
  6. If you're wearing a Bellefit Dual Closure or Bellefit Corset, fasten the hooks while you're lying down.
  7. If your girdle doesn't have hooks, pull the garment till the fabric is flush on your abdomen. It should sit beneath your bra line.
  8. Now, stand up. If you purchased the Dual Closure or a Girdle with a Zipper, fasten the hooks under the zipper from your hips to your rips, then zip.
  9. Next, you can insert a heavy flow pad to prevent leakage on the crotch flap.
  10. To fasten the crotch flap, bend your knees and pull the flap forward.
  11. Fasten the hooks of the flap to the row of hooks that is most comfortable on the girdle.
  12. Gently pull the girdle up and adjust it so that it fits comfortably.
  13. You should noticeably feel the medical-grade compression hug the torso, but it shouldn't be too tight that you can't breathe deeply.

Once your Bellefit compression garment is in place, you'll feel supported and more confident all day long.

Photos of Women Wearing Girdles After Childbirth

How Long Do I Wear A Bellefit Girdle?

For the best results from your postpartum girdle, you should wear your garment immediately after delivery, with your doctor's approval, and continuously (24-hours) for at least a week.

Bellefit girdles are made from flexible and breathable compression fabrics, so it'll be comfortable to wear beneath your clothing and even throughout the night.

When you've gained most of your strength back after surgery, you don't need to wear your girdle around the clock. However, many women will wear their postpartum girdle like waist trainers to provide extra support during exercise or to smooth and tone the body for form-fitting outfits.

Does Bellefit Help Diastasis Recti?

Yes, a Bellefit girdle can help you with treating diastasis.

Diastasis can occur when the growing uterus pushes against the abdominal wall during pregnancy, causing the abdominal muscles to seperate at the midline. This gap reduces abdominal strength and causes lower back pain.

Abdominal strength training is the most effective, non-surgical method to treat diastasis. Wearing an abdominal binder after surgery stabilizes the weakened core so you can regain flexibility in your movement and feel supported through your exercises.

What Is The Best Postpartum Girdle?

The "best" postpartum girdle will depend entirely on you — which is why Bellefit offers such a wide range of styles and sizes to shop from.

Here are our tips for shopping for high-quality postpartum girdles:

  • Take your measurements at home and match them with the manufacturer's sizing chart.
  • Make sure the garment is made from a breathable and flexible material. You'll be wearing this garment a lot, and you want to feel comfortable in it.
  • Look for FDA-approved and doctor recommended devices. Girdles for the post-pregnancy body are so much more than slimming underwear or cosmetic waist trainers — they're designed specifically for the recovering woman's body.
  • Girdles with crotch openings are a good idea. After pregnancy, it's not uncommon to experience leakage. You'll want to access this area easily, and add heavy flow pads, if needed.
  • Look for garments with adjustable closures and straps. Your body is undergoing a lot of change, and you want your girdle to support you throughout your recovery.

At the end of the day, the best postpartum girdle will be the one you feel most confident in. It should feel like a second skin, support your core and lower back, and slim your silhouette.

How To Size A Bellefit Girdle:

Sizing with Bellefit is simple, and we have a wide range of sizes to choose from (XS – 3XL).

In your underwear, take a tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and match it to the sizing chart below.

Girdle Size Weight (Lbs.) Hips (Inches)
XS Up to 105 32" – 35"
S 106 – 125 35" – 38"
M 126 – 145 38" – 40"
L 146 – 165 40" – 42"
XL 166 – 185 42" – 45"
2XL 186 – 225 45" – 49"
3XL 226 or more 49" – 53"

Bellefit also offers nursing bras, maternity pajamas, panties, and shaper compression leggings — all with detailed guides on how to select your size online.

If you're looking for a compression garment that isn't a panty-style, Bellefit has waist trainers and abdominal binders designed for the postpartum belly.

For belly binder sizing, you need to measure your natural waistline. With your feet together, bend your torso to the side to find where your natural waistline starts. Measure all the way around the waist, and match it to the sizing chart below.

Corset Closure Style Size Natural Waistline (Inches) Zipper Closure Style Size Natural Waistline (Inches)
XS 24" – 25.5" XS 23" – 25"
S 26" – 28" S 25" – 27.5"
M 28.5" – 31.5" M 28" – 30"
L 32" – 35" L 30.5" – 32.5"
XL 35.5" – 38" XL 33" – 35"
2XL 38.5" – 41" 2XL 35.5" – 39.5"
3XL 41.5" – 44" 3XL 40" – 43"
4XL 44.5" – 47.5" 4XL 43.5" – 46"

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles and Corsets — Medical Grade, FDA-Registered, Recommended since 2008, Available in 8 Styles & in Plus Sizes

To Sum Up: How To Wear Bellefit Girdles

Hopefully, our tutorial girdle videos and detailed written instructions helped teach you how to put on your Bellefit garment correctly.

These garments are specially designed to support the core and back after pregnancy to help moms get back to their daily routines and their pre-pregnancy bodies sooner.

If you have any helpful tips to share about wearing your Bellefit girdle, leave a comment below to share with the community.

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